How To Block Or Unblock Union Bank ATM Card

Losing your ATM card should be an alarming situation for you, and instead of panicking, you should be taking some serious actions to save your account balance from getting to absolute zero. Thankfully, nowadays most banks allow you to instantly block or unblock your ATM card without even visiting the physical branch of the bank. And in today’s post, we’ll be showing you how you can block or unblock your Union Bank ATM card pretty easily. So let’s get down to it then.

Block Or Unblock Union Bank ATM Card Union Bank Mobile App

Since everybody nowadays uses net banking features from their smartphone, therefore let’s first look at how you can block or unblock your ATM card using Union Bank’s Mobile app called “Vyom.”

  • First things first, you’ll need to download and install the Union Bank mobile app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Once you’ve got the app downloaded and installed, it’s time to log in! Simply enter your Union Bank login credentials, and if you’re already a net banking customer, you can use the same ID and password to access the app.
  • You’re in! Now, from the main dashboard of the app, select the “Manage Cards” option from the menu.
  • When the next screen loads, you’ll see your cards on the screen, and a bunch of options below. But just below the virtual card, you’ll see an option as “Lock/Unlock” with a toggle switch, which by default will be turned off. If you want to block your card, then simply tap on the toggle switch, and then the app will send a one-time password to your registered mobile number. Enter that OTP and that’s it. Your Union bank ATM card is now blocked successfully.
  • If you want to unblock it, just turn off the toggle button, and then you’ll see a pop-up on the screen with two options, “Unblock My Card” and “Maybe Later.” Simply tap on the first option, provide the OTP and that’s it, your ATM card will be successfully unblocked and ready to be used again.

Blocking or unblocking your Union Bank ATM card using their mobile app is super quick and easy. That means no more stressing out or panicking over a lost card.

Call Support to Block Or Unblock Union Bank ATM Card

If you don’t have a smartphone or a computer device to use internet banking services, you can always call Union Bank’s customer support team at 18004251112. It is a toll-free number, so don’t hesitate to give them a call.

When you’re on the call with Union Bank’s customer support team, let them know that you have your card stolen, or you’ve simply lost it. They’ll be pretty quick to assist you in this case, just provide them with the necessary information. They’ll probably ask you for your bank account number and ID proof to confirm that you’re an authentic customer.

After that, they’ll block or unblock your ATM card within a few minutes or so. They will also suggest you apply for a brand new ATM card in order to shop online and withdraw money from ATMs.

And if nothing is working out for you, but you want to have your Union bank ATM card blocked right away, then you’d have to visit the nearby branch of the bank. Go there, and simply let the bank people know about your issue, and they’ll be happy to help you out with that.


All in all, with internet banking or Union Bank mobile banking app, it is super easy to block or unblock your ATM card. Therefore, we always recommend you start using the internet banking features, and you’ll be surprised by how convenient it is.