How PMP Certification Can Boost Your Salary and Career Opportunities


Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a globally recognized credential for project managers.

The certification indicates that a project manager has the knowledge, skills, and experience to lead and manage projects successfully.

It validates your expertise, opens up new career opportunities, and can increase your salary. These are just a few career opportunities that it can open up for project management professionals.

PMP certification can help you advance your career and pursue new opportunities. This article will discuss how obtaining a PMP certification can boost your career opportunities and salary in the project management field.

PMP Certification

The Value of PMP Certification

PMP certification is increasingly important in project management as it signifies expertise and professionalism.

The Project Management Institute (PMI), a globally recognized organization for project management professionals, offers the certification.

One of the central values of obtaining a PMP certificate is that it demonstrates your mastery of project management skills and knowledge.

The accreditation covers various topics, including project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, procurement, human resources, communications, risk management, and stakeholder management. It validates that you have the experience and expertise to manage complex projects and effectively lead project teams.

Furthermore, it also offers many career benefits. It can increase your job opportunities and salary potential, as many employers prefer to hire or promote project managers with PMP certification.

According to PMI’s 2020 Salary Survey, PMP-certified project managers earn 25% more on average than those without diplomas.

Salary Benefits of PMP Certification

Agreeing to PMI’s 2020 Compensation Study, PMP-certified experts gain a median compensation of $120,000 per year. In comparison, non-certified extended directors earn a middle payment of $92,000 annually.

This shows that PMP can increment your compensation by up to 30%.

In expansion to expanding your compensation, it can give other money-related benefits.

For illustration, a few bosses offer rewards or motivating forces to PMP-certified experts, such as extended completion rewards or compensation increments for accomplishing specific turning points.

It can assist you in arranging higher compensation when applying for unused work openings.

Moreover, it can open up career openings, such as senior venture administration or executive-level positions.

These higher-level parts regularly come with higher compensations and more critical benefits, such as stock alternatives, performance-based rewards, and healthcare benefits.

It’s imperative to note that the compensation benefits of PMP certification can shift depending on components such as area, industry, and experience.

However, PMP certification may be a good resource for venture administration experts looking to extend their gaining potential and develop their careers.

Career Opportunities with PMP Certification

PMP certification can give numerous career openings for venture administration experts.

Let’s take a closer look at PMP success paths that it will open for you:

  1. Extend Chief: PMP certification is fundamental for numerous extended supervisor positions. It shows you have the information, aptitudes, and encounter to oversee complex ventures effectively.
  2. Program Chief: It can also lead to program director positions, including managing different related experiences. Program directors can guarantee that all incidents under their supervision align with the organization’s vital targets.
  3. Portfolio Manager: It can assist you in seeking a career as a portfolio director, which includes managing numerous programs and ventures to guarantee they adjust to the organization’s general objectives.
  4. Consultant: PMP-certified experts can work as extended administration consultants, making a difference in organizations’ progress in their comprehensive administration forms, executing best homes, and accomplishing venture victory.
  5. Trade Examiner: The certification can moreover lead to commerce examiner positions, which include distinguishing commerce needs, analyzing necessities, and creating arrangements for business issues.
  6. Official Parts: PMP can assist you in moving into executive-level positions, such as Chief Working Officer or Chief Official Officer, by illustrating your ability to oversee ventures and conveying comes about.

How to Get PMP Certified

  1. Getting PMP certified includes a few steps. Here is an outline of the method:
  2. Meet the qualification prerequisites: To be qualified for certification, you must have an auxiliary degree (tall school confirmation, associate’s degree, or the worldwide comparable) and at slightest five a long time of venture administration involvement, with 7,500 hours driving and coordinating ventures and 35 hours of project management education. On the other hand, you’ll be able to have a four-year degree and at least three long time of venture administration encounters, with 4,500 hours driving and coordinating ventures and 35 hours of project administration instruction.
  3. Submit your application: Once you’ve met the qualification requirements, you’ll yield your application for PMP certification on the Extend Administration Organized (PMI) site. It would help if you were given data about your instruction and venture administration encounters.
  4. Pass the exam: If your application is endorsed, you must pass the PMP exam to get the certification. The exam comprises 200 multiple-choice questions and takes four hours in total. The exam covers five handle bunches:
  5. Keep up your certification: Once you’ve got your certification, you must keep it by gaining 60 Proficient Advancement Units (PDUs) thrice a long time. PDUs can be accomplished by partaking in proficient improvement exercises such as going to workshops, taking courses, or volunteering.


Getting PMP certified can give an advantage to venture administration experts.

It can increase your earning potential by up to 30% and open up modern career openings, such as senior extended administration parts, program administration, portfolio administration, and official positions.

Moreover, the certification preparation can give important information and abilities connected to real-world ventures.

Whereas getting a PMP certification can be challenging, the rewards are beneficial. By assembling the qualification prerequisites, submitting your application, passing the exam, and keeping up your certification, you’ll position yourself as an exceedingly skilled and qualified project administration proficient.

This could assist you in standing out in a competitive work showcase and develop your career to a new status.

Generally, PMP certification could be a profitable venture in your career and future victory as a venture supervisor.