Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance Policy Details

Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance

The importance of car insurance can be denied considering the legal implications. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, third party car insurance is mandatory in India. So, if you’ve bought a new car and looking for the basic coverage then Future Generali Third Party insurance can be a good choice among others.

Future Generali Third Party insurance comes in handy in covering the liabilities arising due to third party accidental injury, property damage and death.

Why to Choose Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance?

Usually, when you buy car insurance for a brand new vehicle, the experts suggest to opt for comprehensive coverage, But, if you own an old car and want to cover it then third party coverage is enough considering the premium factor. Here are some of the benefits of Future Generali car insurance:

  • You will get compensation and coverage against all types of bodily injuries. It is an excellent benefit under this insurance plan.
  • The policy covers third party property damage up to Rs 7.5 lakh
  • 100% compensation is given to the third party if he dies or gets injured while walking on the road. The liabilities on the insured will be paid by the insurance company under this policy.

Scope of Coverage Under Future Generali Third Party Insurance

The policy coverage can be availed as:

  • Third party injury and death covered as per the mentioned in the policy.
  • The insured will get a compensation package of Rs 15 lakh under personal accident cover.
  • For third part property damage, the insurance company will compensate up to Rs 7.5 lakh.
  • No claim bonus up to 50% is available for not claiming the policy in a policy tenure.
  • For fitting anti-theft devices, the insured can avail additional savings on the premium.

Future Generali Third Party Insurance: What’s Not Covered?

The policy does’t offer coverage under the following conditions:

It is never possible to provide you insurance cover once the accident takes place beyond geographical boundaries.

  • Normal tear and wear are not covered
  • No own-damage cover is offered under third party insurance
  • Any damage due to the consumptions of alcohol or drugs
  • If driving without a valid driving license is not covered

How to Buy Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance?

You can buy car insurance directly form the insurer’s website. It offers an easy way of comparing the policies available, which enables you to buy smartly and save more. Just visit the website and follow the below instructions:

  • Go to the ‘Motor Insurance’ section and select ‘car insurance’.
  • Provide vehicles details like Make & Model, manufacturing date etc.
  • Provide personal details and click on ‘submit’
  • Based on your requirement, the website will suggest different plans. Pick Future Generali Third Party insurance and check the coverage details.
  • You can compare the plan with others as well on the basic of premium and coverage offered.
  • Once satisfied, pay the premiums online. The policy will be mailed to the registered email Id.