Essay on Wonders of Science

Science has been a part of everyone’s life and it plays a major role in the development and achievements. There are many great scientists who have changed the world. From Albert Einstein to APJ Abdul Kalam these scientists have changed the world and have contributed a lot to the society. There are many Indian scientists who have worked hard to change how the world looks today. CV Raman, Homi J. Bhabha, Satyendra Bose, and many others have changed the entire world with their achievements and scientific knowledge. Science plays a major role in today’s world and we all are living a peaceful life because of science and the discoveries that the scientists keep on doing for the benefit of the humans. Science has made a difference in the world and people are enjoying the benefits of the science and the technologies.

There are many discoveries of science since humans developed and started thinking. Science is a complete human discovery and the knowledge they have grabbed from their surroundings. In earlier days there was no electricity, people discovered how to generate electricity and today it is something that one cannot live without. Electricity helped in manufacturing other technologies that are being used by the humans and that is helping them in living a luxurious life.

The next discovery was the mode of communication. How one can communicate to another without sending pigeons and their message can still be passed. The telephones were discovered and today the telephones are getting converted into mobile phones and the advancement is not stopping at any point. The other discovery of humans was the idiot box. The radio was discovered and people started listening to news and cricket matches commentary on radio. The next step was the idiot box- the television, which helped you in seeing what you are hearing. Science has also played a major role in education and it has been a part of the education since forever. The students are taught the importance of science and they are also taught the basics of the subject. Science has played a major role in the education sector as well.

The scientific discoveries never stopped and today in this modern era, the scientists are making a lot of effort to create new things. Science plays a major role when it comes to the world and the development of the world. The weapons are created using scientific knowledge. The atomic bombs and nuclear weapons were made because of the scientific knowledge and it has played a big difference in the society and how the world thinks about the country.

Science has always been a part of the country and it is important because it helps in the country’s achievement and development. There are many scientists who are trying to discover new things every day and spending sleepless nights because they want to give something useful and different to the world. There are many things that science has done for the word and the scientists are proving their abilities every single time.