Essay on Winter Season for Kids & Students


Winter is considered as the coldest season of the year and during this time the earth is oriented away from the Sun. In each and every part of the world, winter is considered to start at different dates. This season comes after the rainy season and said to start from December and lasts till March. However, December and January are said to be in the peak of the Winter season. In Northern parts of India, the hilly regions look very beautiful and there is also snowfall in North India. The days are shorter during winter and nights are longer compared to any other seasons.

Duration of Winter Season

The winter season starts differently in each and every part of India. For the parts that falls in the Northern hemisphere, winter season starts from December and lasts till February. However, in some places it lasts till March. For the parts that falls in the Southern Hemisphere, winter season starts from June and lasts till August.

The winter season features Snow fall, formation of fog and mist, cold rains, etc. And are accompanied by very low temperature. However, we can witness snowfall only in the northern parts of India.  During this time of year, all the things are moist and chilly, which feels very uncomfortable.

Importance of Winter Season

Winter season, helps us feel refreshed and it is useful for health. In India, winter mornings are always pleasant and help people to take care of their health, with morning workouts. During this activity, people can breath in the fresh air and which enhances the blood flow in the human body. During winter season, it is said that the Ozone layer settles down and in the early morning we can breath in the ozone, which helps our respiration.

Difficulties faced during Winter Season

Even though, winter is said to be a pleasant time in India, some people faces the issues. Winter season creates problems in poor people. Since they are staying in huts, there is a chance that they can feel cold, during night times. At this time, they often sit by fire for warmth.

Games of Winter Season

In North India, where there is snowfall can enjoy games like Ice skating, ice hockey, Snowball fighting, building Snowman, snow castles, sledging, etc.

In Southern part of India, where there is less chance of Snow fall, people allow their children to play outdoors, since the chance of sweat is less and also there is less chance of kids becoming tired.


Even though, it is chilly and cold outside, people enjoy this season a lot. During this time, many animals hibernate and prepare themselves for the Summer season. In addition to this, the plants and tree stop growing, due to snowfall. Winter storms are also very common during this season.