Essay on Importance of Literacy For Kids & Student

Getting education is a right that everyone has earned and every individual should claim that right and get educated. The more educated you are the better it is for the country and for your own good as well. The future of the world lies in the classroom. It is very important for everyone to be educated. Literacy has become an important part in today’s world and it is one thing that should be made a compulsion. There are many people in India who are suffering a lot because they are not educated and because they cannot read or write. A lot of them works in the household and do the household chores and are treated differently. There is no harm in being a household worker but it is important that one must know how to read or to write. There are many people in the villages who are not educated at all and they are scammed a lot of times by those who are educated. The children living in the villages are also not literate sometimes and hence they turn up becoming labors which are a problem that is not just faced by India but the globe.

Literacy plays an important role in the development of the country. And if the youth of the nation is uneducated then the country can never develop. Hence, literacy is very important.

There many night schools that help the people to get educated and learn what they don’t know. It is very important to know at least the basic of everything so that no one can bluff you. An educated mind also has the power to think and it is our right to think and have opinions rather than settling with what others are saying. Humans are different from animals because they can read, write and speak. If we are unable to do that than we are no different from animals.

Therefore, one must get educated and the age doesn’t matter. Education knows no bar and there is no proper time to learn anything. If you don’t know anything then you can learn it today. If you know something and you think you can help others by teaching, then you must do that. Sharing the knowledge is also very important as it is just helping the people to learn something new and in return, you are just helping the world be a better place. There are many states in India where the literacy rate is extremely low and hence those are the states that deal with poverty, child labor, and other things.

The Government of such states has been making efforts to help the people and the literacy rate is slowly increasing. It is an effort that everyone should make together. If you are educated and you have money then you can sponsor the education for a child and make his life better and worth living. If your maid is unable to educate her children you can teach them any subject. It is just helping another human being and it will help the country be a better place.