Essay on Importance of Computer


This century is considered to be the world of Science and Technology. In today’s world, computer is used in almost each and every field. The computer plays a vital role in our day to day activities, be it studying or working or for entertainment purpose. From children pursuing their school to adults who are staying at home or working, use a computer in one way or another. Computers are used for completing the task efficiently and for attaining perfect results. It has evolved to a great extent that it has become a part of human life and without a computer, our life will be difficult in so many ways.

Uses of Computer in Different Fields

The computer is a highly complex and a modern machine, which can perform tasks within fraction of seconds compared to that of a human brain. The computer is used in many fields and the uses of computer vary from field to field. Some of the uses of computers are as follows:

Education: Computers are used in the field of education for teaching purposes. Teachers can use computers in order to prepare presentations which will be helpful when they are giving presentations or conducting seminars in class. Multimedia presentations are helpful, so that the students can capture the gist of each and every topic. There are labs and special software which helps students in improving their English speaking skills and students can practice the pronunciation with the help of headphones. In addition to this, teachers can also encourage their students to browse through the internet on topics, so that they can get a clear view on what they are studying. It is also easy to find information, unlike library.

Medical Field:  Computers are widely used in medical field. Taking X-ray, CT scan, MRI scan etc involves the help of computers. And also it is computers are used to monitor patients, who are admitted in ICU. During Surgery also, computers are used and with the help of robotic, doctors can perform an operation without even being in the same room as that of a patient. In addition to this, it is also helpful for maintaining data of patients for easy access of medical records.

Space Exploration: Modern computers are mainly used in space exploration programs. Computers are used in designing of satellite, for spacecraft designing, mission control, gathering records on various occurrences of meteors, automatic mechanisms, etc. Even in space, computers are used to fix small issues, with the help of robotics, an advanced stage of computers.

Defence: This is used in maintaining the weaponry like missiles. They are also used in Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, which helps in attacking the target in a different location. Computers are also used for tracking the incoming missiles and allows to track and destroy the missiles. In order to diagnose a bomb, we can use a computer, which can save precious life in critical times.

Industries and Finance: Computers are also used in industries for doing a job which is not possible by man power. Many industries have automated most of their processes, that may affect the human health. Similar to this, computers are also used in financing, in order a keep record of ups and downs in the market.


Now a day it is impossible to imagine a world without computer since the computer is used in almost each and every field of today’s life. In future days, many of the mechanisms will be automated and use of manpower will be reduced significantly.