Essay on Urban Life in India For Kids & Student

Urban life means the people who live in the towns and cities. It also indicates the life of people who are exposed to a better living environment where the condition of the houses, roads, and buildings are much better as compared to the villages. There is electricity, accommodation, and toilet facilities. There are better sewage facilities as well in the urban cities. Urban Life is a life that everyone citizen of the country wants and aims at. Living an urban life is also in a way getting exposed to the modern ways of living, where there are many commercial sectors, the people get involved in the political lives, there are various educational institutions and people have various amenities that are useful in day to day life. The struggle to survive reduces as compared to the people living in the villages. The people living an urban life have the basic necessities of life like –food, water and shelter and in a much better way as compared to the people living in the villages. Every urban city of India has a local governing body that takes care of their people.

The history of Urban civilization:

An urban life is dated back from the period of Mohen-Jo-Daro and the Harrapan culture and it is dated back to the 2500-1500 BC. Urbanization grew slowly in the country and it started growing rapidly after the 5th century BC. In the early historic period, the urban life grew in many parts of the country like Ayodhya, Hardwar, Dwaraka, Puri and Many other places. The luxurious life is also mentioned in the books of Vatsayan. The life where people were living a luxurious life was also mentioned in the books of Arthshastra. In the Urban life, the primary sector activities are not practiced. The non-agricultural activities like trade, industries, commerce, were been practiced and that is what made these places Urban.

After the British Invaded India:

After the British invaded the India, the city saw a growth where the roads, railways and other sector grew. The Primary sector changed to Secondary and the territory sectors. The people started getting wages and salary for their work. The leisure time activities increased. The country saw the development of sports activities, hospitals, entertainment industry and various other things grew. The people started accepting and started developing their cities.

Modernization in the Urban Life:

The people who have been living an Urban Life are the people who are educated. The people have also modern religious practices. They believe in rational opinions and they have shunned Dogmatization. There are many educational institutes, the children are getting educated, the way people dresses up in an Urban City is high fashioned, their culture is different.

Disadvantages of the Urban Life:

The people living an urban life despite having all the facilities do face certain challenges. The daily struggle to cope up with the life, they have new challenges at every step of their life, the cities are crowded, there are pollution, noise, and smoke and lastly, people living in the big cities have lost the human touch as they are so technically advanced.