Essay on Spring Season For Kids & Students


Spring season, is considered to be the most moderate season among the four seasons. This season falls  after the Winter season and is followed by the Summer season. This is considered to be the most pleasant season and the days and nights are divided into equal partition. The name ‘Spring or Springtime’, refers to rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection or regrowth. These names denote that the plants and trees begin to grow. Since this season falls after winter, even if there was snowfall in certain regions, they begin to melt and create a natural source of fresh water.

What happens during Spring Season?

Since the Spring season is coming after the Winter, the daylight is said to increase gradually. During the Winter season, the growth of the plant has been reduced significantly, which is tallied by its growth in this season. Many flowering plants start to blossom this time of year. Different areas face different springs like Dry spring and wet spring. Some places near mountain regions are affected by flood, due to the melting of snow.
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Time Period

In various locations, the start date and end date of spring season may vary. In India, the spring starts from March and lasts till April. This is considered to be an enjoyable time, since the coldness reduces and we are able to go out again, wearing light clothes. However, in other countries, the time during which the spring season falls may vary. It also depends on which hemisphere the location is falling.

Features of this Season       

Since this season brings light and warmth, this is enjoyed by most of the people. In India, people celebrate a colour festival named ‘Holi’, in order to welcome the spring season. In this festival, people throw colour powders and colour water at one another and enjoy the sunlight. Everyone feels healthy and relieved, including this the sweet smell of flowers blossoming brings a special feel.

In addition to this, farmers who have been harvesting are most happy to bring the outcome to their homes. This is considered as a huge reward for them, for their hard work. Even in different regions of India, the celebrations vary, to welcome the Sun again in our life, after 3 months of cold weather and darkness.


Spring Season teaches us that, there is always light after dark. So we should never lose hope, however bad the situations may be.