Essay On The Indian Army For Kids & Students

It is not required for me to say that every Indian should feel very lucky to have world’s strongest armed forces at its rescue. We are able to get a peaceful good night’s sleep every night because of the army which is protecting our borders day in and day out at hottest desserts and coldest glaciers. Ever since prehistoric times the Indian Soldiers have displayed the act of bravery in front of the entire world by fighting the fair fight in every war that came its way. The songs of Indian Army and its proven mettle have never stopped until this day where our armed forces even has state of the art technology weapons. Winning the Indo-Pak war to Indo-China war, Indian army has been sent to Suez, Korea, and Congo for various peace missions.

Indian Army and the World Wars

When talking about the participation of India in bringing peace to the world, Indian soldiers fought in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The bravery of Indian Armed forces and its Martyrs, it helped British win various laurels. Not just this, it’s even sent troops over to France in order to bring peace in their country. Indian army and victory have gone hand in hand wherever they go. Back in the time during World War 2, the Indian Army was a very crucial part when bringing Hitler and his enemies bend down to their knees.

Indian Army and it’s never giving up spirit

  • The best feature of Indian Army is that it never surrenders and has gone until the end to achieve what they are aiming for.
  • The motto that makes Indian Army stand apart from the rest of the world is: “Do or Die”.
  • This reason behind this must bravery us the fact that every soldier in the Indian army has anything but love for the country.
  • They swear to protect the country even if they don’t have enough weapons as their enemy.

The Indo-China War

  • During the Indo China war of 1965, the Indian Armed forces were fighting on the icy mountain tops without having adequate clothes or weapons as China.
    But what makes that war an inspiration for the rest of the world if our bravest soldiers who never gave up until they had the last breath in them.
  • These notions of bravery and love for country make Indian Army what it is today.
  • Unlike a few decades ago when we didn’t have as much weapons, Indian Army is proud to be third largest army in the world with atomic weapons.