Essay on Technology – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Technology is the scientific knowledge of people that are developed for practical purposes. The technology is mainly used in the big factories so as to make the work easier. Technology has reduced the human work and it has helped everyone in their working culture. Technology is both a boon and a bane. There are many different kinds of technology that can is used for various purposes. It is used to complete various tasks in our day to day lives. Technology has made life easier. There are many things that are used today and it has simplified our lives. for example – the technology has reduced the effort of washing clothes with hands, as one can buy a washing machine to wash clothes; it has also made vehicles for various purposes that have made life easier; technology plays a very important role in our regular lives as it has reduced the work pressure and has simplified the amount of human work. Though technology needs human for its functioning it is mainly pressing a button or something else, which is a very layman’s job.

Technology nowadays is used in almost everything and there are many advantages and disadvantages of Technology.

Advantages of technology

  • Technology has helped in manufacturing large quantity of food – One of the advantages of technology is that it helps in manufacturing a large amount of food. Food is needed in our daily lives and with the growing population, the requirement has just increased.
  • Helps in the growth of the business – Technology also helps in the growth of the business and the usage of machines and various technologies has also helped in the increase in the business.
  • Useful to the students – Technology has also proved to be very useful to the children and students. In today’s time, every student needs a laptop or an iPad for their projects and other study materials, technology in such cases helps them and makes their life easier.
  • Technology has improved the way of communication – Technology has proved to be the best when it comes to communicating. Calling one person to another and from one country to another is now very easy. People can also see each other while talking and it looks very real. The technology is just improving with time and is just getting better.

Disadvantages as well of Technology:

  • Pollution – Excess use of technology results in pollution as the machines runs on power and it wastes a lot of environmental products.
  • The Natural Resources are depleting at a faster rate – with the increased use of technology, the natural resources are depleting at a faster rate. They extract the high amount of natural resources and hence reducing the natural resources.
  • It has cut down on employment – With the increase in technology and use of machines, a job that required ten people now need only one person who can handle the machine.


Technology has proved to be a benefit but people are depending a lot on these machines and they are missing out on the human touch. But Technology is a boon and it has been a boon to humans.