Essay on Lord Buddha

Birth and Origin of Lord Buddha

  • Lord Buddha was not born after a celestial voice being heard from the skies or during a thundery night. In Fact, more like himself, he was born calmly to the king of Shakya dynasty in the south of Nepal. He was born in 536 BC at Lumbini of Kapilvastu Nagar in the country of Nepal.
  • Lord Buddha was named Siddhartha at his birth; he acquired the name Lord Buddha much later in life. Soon after giving birth to him, Lord Buddha’s mother died and he was raised by a stepmother who loved him dearly.
  • Until he turned sixteen Lord Buddha was taught about military science and State administration.
  • But it is also said that starting from his infancy days; he was calm and composed and reflected the tendencies of renouncing the world.

The marriage and his renouncement

  • Siddhartha was married to princess Yashodhara.
  • After their marriage hr half-heartedly looked after his kingdom and state affairs.
  • Soon after their marriage, Siddhartha became a father to Yashodhara son named, Rahul.
  • In order to find his longing peace, Siddhartha became a Yoga enthusiast which led him further to a life without fancies and luxury.

What made him renounce his materialistic belongings?

  • One day he was taking a round of his kingdom in his chariot when he saw an aged elderly person, a suffering ill person and a dead person.
  • He couldn’t help but think about the reason and mystery behind death and birth.
  • He decided not to stay in his like luxuries but to leave it all behind and conquer knowledge.
  • For six years he learned yogic practices but couldn’t understand death and birth.
  • This leads him to meditation for 12 years under the Bodhi tree in Gaya which is also known as the tree of enlightenment.
  • As soon as he opened his eyes, he was shown an ethereal light or given all the knowledge from birth till death.

His disciples and Death

  • After receiving the enlightenment, now called Lord Buddha came to Kashi where he formed a sermon of five disciples.
  • These Bhikkhus keep spreading the word of Lord Buddha to distant lands and people would quickly follow him for how simple his language was.
  • His disciples are still widening today even after he died at the age of 80 in Deoria, centuries ago.
  • The learning and spreading’s of Lord Buddha were simple and easy to grasp.