Essay on Social Issues in India 

Since olden days the country and its people have been facing the social issues like caste system, poverty, dowry, inequality, differences because of the religious beliefs, Sati practice, alcoholism, illiteracy, gender inequality, child marriage and many other causes. The people of the country has seen all these issues and earlier there was no one to object it and it went on and on and people never reacted to it. There are many things that were happening in the country and the people never said anything to anyone and continued practicing these evil and inhuman practices. Even today, most of the people face the social issues. Gender equality, dowry, illiteracy are amongst the common few that are faced by the people.

The social issues started long back and the first social issues that were a problem was the Sati pratha where the widow is burnt alive with her husband. The system went on for years until one fine day the people reacted to it and it was stopped. It was one of the worst social issues that were faced by the people living in the country. The other social issues that were faced by the people and people still face is the caste discrimination, poverty, gender inequality, and illiteracy.

Caste Discrimination was a part of the people’s regular life and they never considered the people equally. The people were divided into four castes and hence the discrimination started from there. Gender inequality is something that has been going on for centuries. The woman today in this 21st century is standing up for her rights and is fighting for what is hers. People have started calling it as feminism but it is not the case. A woman should know her rights and she should also fight for the rights. It is her given right as earlier and even today in most part of the world a woman is treated as an object and is looked down upon. Even in films sometimes they are showcased only as an Object but the woman of today knows her rights and she even fights for it. Illiteracy has been a part of the country since forever. There are so many people in this country who are not educated and they never took the initiative to get the education also. People should learn and get educated. Illiteracy also causes poverty, and it increases child labor. Hence, it should be made a compulsion for every person in this country and the world to get educated. The country also faces a lot of problems because of the difference in the religious beliefs. The Hindus in the country are treated differently and the Muslims are treated differently. It has been practiced since the Gandhi era and people fight amongst themselves. It is also the root cause for terrorism and people should start treating everyone equally and with love and respect, after all, we all are humans in the end.

There are many ill practices that the country follows and the people blindly follow them as they have been in practice since forever. All these should stop and the government is taking a lot of initiatives to stop these social issues and cure them in every possible way. There are many NGOs as well who take care of such issues. People are getting educated nowadays and they are aware of their rights, which in return has reduced the social problems that the country has been facing since years.