Essay on Annual Sports Day For Kids & Student

Each year, Sports Day is celebrated in our school with great preparations. During this time, all the students are asked to participate in different games and programs, organized by the school administration. Towards the end of each year and before the annual exam starts, this Sports day will be organized. Sports day is conducted towards the end of the winter season. During this time, there are many competitions for students as well as the teachers. Sports day is celebrated to remind everyone that Sports is important for developing a healthy mind and body.

There are many games that will be organized on the occasion of Sports day like Running race, Polo, Swimming, Long Jump, Javelin Throw, High Jump, etc. The preparation for this Sports day, starts before a month and students will be divided into four houses. Respective Houses will be given different colours, in order to identify easily. Including this, the school premises are also decorated with many decorative items and flowers. The Sports day will be held in the presence of a Chief Guest invited by the School Principal, accompanied by Chairman, Correspondent, Principal and Other Staff members.

Solo games include High Jump, Long Jump, Running race, etc. And game for team includes Volleyball, Kabbadi, Football, etc. And also there are many programs like Dancing, parade, etc. are organized in between the games, so that the audience are not bored. The winners of these games are awarded with prizes towards the end of the day by the Chief Guest, who has been invited to this special occasion. Including this, the Sports day will be held on the ground, which is visible to audience, from any location of the school.

In our school, the Sports day begins with the flag hoisting by the Chief Guest around 9am. The students who have given names for participating in different games are lined up. Initially, Solo games are conducted in 3 rounds, namely Preliminary round, Semi Finals and Finals. After the Solo games, games for the team will be organized. This will be also be arranged in 3 rounds like that of Solo games. The winners will be announced towards the end of the day. The players who came in first three positions are awarded with prize and gifts.

In addition to the Prizes, for those who have participated, school will be providing participation certificate. Including the games, those who have performed dances, skit play, also receives certificates and gifts. These gifts and prizes are distributed by the Chief Guest. At the end of the day, after all the games and shows come to an end, Chief Guest will be giving speech, which will be followed by the National Anthem. Following this, the crowd will be cleared orderly.