Essay on Seasons in India

India is a very beautiful country, which is enriched with rich mountains, lush greens, art, and architecture. India believes in the adage “Unity in diversity”. People of different states are living together with different language, culture, and heritage. In fact, India has a different variety of season too. They are rainy, summer, spring and winter season.

Summer Season

The summer season usually starts from the April and lasts three months. During summer, days are long and nights are short. The sun provides intense heat and the vertical rays ats in heavy dust storms. The impact of summer on the Southern part is less as it is rich in sea and river. The cool wire intolerable during the month of May and June. In the summer season, the hot wind called loo blow, which resulnd and waves from the sea makes the city cool. It also keeps the temperature low throughout the summer. When it comes to the desert region, the temperature is very hot.  Desert areas are always prone to heavy wind and dust storms. The mountains with green lushes have cool climate during the summer season.

Rainy season

The rainy season usually comes after the winter season and it starts from October & lasts up to the month of January. Rain is the heart & soul of the earth. Every human being relies on food and water. Rain is the source of crops and food. It is the time when all crops are growing faster. As it is the cold season, people use thick garments includes cotton, woolen clothes, pullovers, etc. During the rainy season, people can see the colorful rainbow after rain. Cherrapunji is the rainiest spot in the world as it has the maximum rainfall every year. Meanwhile, the eastern, north-eastern and western coastal regions get heavy rainfall during this season.

Spring Season

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in India. It is the golden season, which is often praised by many writers and it is emphasized in many poems. This wonderful season starts from the month of the first week of February and it lasts up to the end of March. It is the time when all flowers are blooming and smiling. It is the best time for planning a tour. The large trees dressed with new & colorful leaves. There are green lushes everywhere. The spring is a moderate climate, which is neither too cold or nor too hot.

Winter Season

The winter season starts from November and continues up to February. Winter is a pleasant climate where all the hot areas come to an end; it turns cool with the cold wind blow. Meanwhile, hilly areas are getting very cold and eventually results in heavy snowfall. The desert becomes very cool during the daytime.

We have different seasons but each one of them has its own aspects. One cannot bear the hot sun rays in summer, while other used to wear cotton wool in winter. Changing the climate is next to impossible but it is easy to be comfortable in any season.