Essay on Sariska National Park

Situated in Alwar District of Rajasthan, Sariska National Park is one of the most important tiger reserves in India. It is surrounded by the marvelous Aravali Mountains giving the most exquisite and breathtaking view of Nature and wildlife to its viewers. Though it is a tiger reserve which falls under the Project Tiger, this national park is home to a large number of species from big mammals to tiny reptiles. Having dense Fauna comes with even denser Fauna with rare species of trees and shrubs. An example of its fauna is Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Golden Jackal, Hyenas, Boars, Antelope and deer, Grey Partridge bird, Indian tree pie, sandgrouse, great Indian owl and much more. This shows that Sariska National park is home to a great number of species of flora and fauna. The Sariska National Park is also temporary home to several hibernating birds which flew in from distant and neighboring countries for its warmer weather conditions.

History of Sariska National Park

  • The Sariska National Park is a witness to great history which dates back to Hindu mythology to tiger reservation until this day. It is said that Sariska National Park was the forest where Pandava brothers sheltered during their exile during the great Mahabharata.
  • The forest shielded the five brothers until they reached Viratnagar in order to disguise as servants of the King who ruled there. The story is told by the generations of five boulders who witnessed the entire fiasco. There is also a temple made in memory of the five Pandavas and tourist from all over the world come here to visit the land which was home to the Mahabharata heroes.
  • The holy forest of Sariska even gave shelter to the legendary sage Bhartrihari who was the writer if Nitishastra, an epic Sanskrit manuscript.

Present day Sariska National Park

  • The Sariska National Park is spread in a region of 866 sq kilometers today which started from barely a hundred square kilometer. The Aravali mountain range that surrounds this national park is also host to some exotic wildlife which is under the process of adding to the Sariska Land premises. After a bill passed by Rajasthan State Government, the land mining has been completely abolished in and around the Sariska National Park.
  • The Sariska National Park has witnessed a rather depressing black period from 2005 to 2017 when all its tigers vanished totally. It is only a few months ago when the first tiger in about a decade made its comeback.