Essay on Role of Teacher in our Life

A good Teacher has the power to change our life, ignite us and make us different and a better person. A good teacher can also help us be someone who we want to be. A teacher is the valuable blessing from God to us. A teacher resembles a God and God is the manufacturer of the entire universe, however, a teacher is thought to be the developer of a better country. Teachers are extremely patronizing people and they know that is extremely important to the world as they are the ones who help in the shaping of the world. But it is not entirely on them it also depends on the students and the dedication he or she shows to learn new things and choose the right path. A teacher will make sure to guide them and will also help them in becoming a better being the human being but in the end, it’s all about the person and his willingness to learn new things. Our parents have heaps of expectations from the teachers for their children. The part of teachers shifts from classroom to play area and from students to different students.  A teacher is essential in the life of everybody who should perform diverse errands throughout our life.

Before going to the classroom, a great teacher guarantees his/her objectives of instruction on the everyday schedule. Each teacher has distinctive characteristics of educating their students. They differ in their insight, abilities, and states of mind in showing particular subjects. They attempt their best and do all endeavors in helping us to accomplish our objectives in life. School life is considered as the best and it is the time when people learn a lot of new things and even make a lot of new friends. School life also makes the foundation of the people as that it the base and a teacher in such a scenario plays a very important role in shaping the life of the students. They play a more important role than the parents as the students learn new things from them and they look up to them.

Great teachers are additionally the closest companions of their students who help them in choosing a real way in their life. There are numerous teachers in the schools or colleges however just one of the many teachers becomes the favorite of the student. The teachers motivate us to lead a better life and they also make sure that we are doing well in our lives. A good teacher also remains a part of our lives forever and they also guide us in our ups and downs. A teacher is thus a very important person in one life and they are the ones who make us a different individual. A good teacher is one who just gives his/her understudies, however, nothing acknowledges entire life rather he/she end up plainly content with the accomplishment of the students. Appropriate teaching is the best way to expel social issues, defilement, and so forth from the country which at last prompt the genuine growth and development of a country.