Essay on Delhi Metro

Going almost one and half a decade back in the history of New Delhi, it was blessed with a world-class facility, that is, The Metro. Believe it or not, Delhi Metro has made the life of Delhiites a lot more easy and convenient. In fact, I, for one, believe that the Delhi Metro has indeed fastened the lives of Delhites like it is often shown in a movie. People are always rushing towards their daily goals, unstoppable and without a delay because of the Delhi Metro. The trafficked roads and increasing vehicles on the roads will not just cause anyone to get late but it was also becoming a great reason behind increasing pollution levels in our National Capital. Thanks to the Delhi Metro which has proven to be the best public transportation, and is safe for traveling all around the city.

How has the Delhi Metro changed the lives of the citizens of New Delhi and the travelers?

  • Delhi is a big city, traveling in Delhi means hours of travel in a vehicle and costly transportation. The Delhi Metro, on the other hand, is a very cheap resort for all your transportation requirements throughout the city.
  • Since Delhi Metro does not have to cope with traffic, traveling by metro is faster than by any other means of transportation.
  • Delhi metro is slowly expanding to every corner of Delhi and connecting every part of it, which means you, can travel anywhere and everywhere on the Delhi Metro in the least fare.
  • Delhi Metro is safest public transport for a woman.
  • It has specially reserved seats for senior citizens, pregnant ladies and handicapped traveler which is to ensure that all these citizens could travel easily and without any difficulty.
  • Delhi Metro is very clean and air conditioned which will ensure that you travel with maximum comfort even during the heftiest of the summer season in Delhi.

History of Delhi Metro

  • The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation was formed in the year 1995 when the plans on metro lines and phases were initiated.
  • Finally, in 1998 the construction of the first section of Delhi Metro, that is, the Red line was initiated.
  • The first section of the Red Line was ready for use within four years and it began its functioning in 2002.
  • Three more metro lines of Phase 1 were completed by 2006.
  • The entire phase 2 was completed by 2011.
  • However, apart from all these achievements in such a short time span, the Delhi Metro also went through a lot of challenges such as- land recruitment and engineering.