Essay on Rainy Season for Kids & Students


The rainy season or Wet season, is the time of a year, where most of the places have rainfall. The range of rainfall varies from place to place. It is also called as the monsoon season or the green season of the year. In tropical climates, the rainy season lasts for almost one month or more. The average rainfall of this time is around 60 mm. When the rain occurs during Summer, then there will be rainfall in the afternoon and evening times. In this season, the quality of air improves, water quality improves and the vegetation becomes more greenish and grows, exponentially.

How Rainfall Occurs?

Rainfall occurs due to the heating during the daytime, the water from the surroundings evaporates and due to wind shifts, the vapour condenses, resulting in rainfall. The range of rain varies due to the direction of the wind. If the wind is strong, there will be less chances of heavy rainfall, since the wind disintegrates the cloud formation. However, if wind power is less, there is a greater chance of heavy rainfall. In each and every region like, Tropical, Mediterranean, subtropical, the range of rain may vary. In addition to this, the range of rain varies each year.

Effects of Rain

Since the range of rainfall varies in each and every region, the effects also vary. In tropical areas, when the rainy season begins, the temperature during the day decreased and at night it is very cold and it is often wet, due to rainfall. In some places, the air quality increases and in some places the pH range decreases. Also the nutrients in the soil deplete, during this season, due to corrosion.

In addition to this, if there is heavy rainfall, then there is a possibility of flood in certain regions that are lower in altitude. Due to floods, there are many landslides and mud flow and as a result, the normal life gets affected. Many people suffer because of this weather and there is a higher chance for spreading of viral diseases due to stagnant water.

We also face other issues like Food shortage, less intake of water, etc. During this period, there are many health issues in people and when climate changes, there is a greater chance of malaria. Many animals give birth during the beginning of this wet season. The insects develop in large number during this season. There is also increased in Frogs, tadpoles, Snakes, in this season.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Monsoon


  • Vegetation growth and more greenish environment
  • Relief from the heat of Summer season
  • Increase in water availability in natural resources
  • Enjoyable weather for each and every living being


  • Erosion of soil and depletion of minerals in soils
  • Landslides
  • Flood
  • Increased health issues.
  • Storm in some places.


Even though, there are many disadvantages for this season, we have to consider the advantages it brings to the life. Only in this season, we can get natural water and we have to take steps in order to save them using ‘Rain Water Harvesting’. This will reduce the scarcity of water, in Summer season.