Essay on My City Sonipat For Kids & Students

My city Sonipat is formerly known as Swarnaprastha, which roughly translates into “golden city”. My city is a beautiful city, which is enriched with green lushes, elegant natural scene, and pleasant climate. It was built by Pandava brothers during Mahabharata period. With a lot of historical value, one cannot regret the beauty of this city. Sonipat is a great place for a tourist spot.  Jurassic Park, TDI mall, Tomb of Khwaja khizr, Moho land, flying folks is just a few of the best tourist spot. Sonipat is enriched with a rich background and cultural heritage.

There is a short story behind the tomb of Khwaja khizr, who was a renowned religious person and prominent leader in Medieval India. In addition to the rich history of architecture, Sonipat is well known for creating strong national and international sportsperson includes, Amit, Yogeshwar Dutt, Sushil Kumar and Ramesh Kumar. My city is also known for its delicious Ghewar cake, which is popular and consumed during monsoon seasons. It has some celebrations much like North India. It enjoys festivals like Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Holi. It is a small town, which is a part of the National Captial Region. As it is the part of NCR, it has seen a tremendous growth in all fields from business parks to economic zones. It is surrounded by fertile loamy soil near larger Yamuna Ganga Floodplains. Here, winter is chilled while summer is very hot. It is a great place for a tourist spot for people all across the world. It is really a great place to enjoy your holidays. A beautiful city with elegant hills, green lushes, colorful boats, Evergreen Mountain invites everyone to enjoy this city. Experience the beauty of this city by visiting my city at least once in your life.