Essay on Kanha National Park

If you have been wondering all your life what gave Rudyard Kipling the inspiration to write the most epic Jungle Book then the answer is Kanha National Park. This magnificent National Park is located in Madhya Pradesh and has the most amazing and picturesque view. It is said that this National Park has romance in its air which never degrades. If you are asked you randomly mark the center on a map of India, the point where you will mark is this National Park. Yes, it is located exactly in the center of India which makes it even more special and authentic. It is safe to say that Kanha National Park is one of the must-visit places in India with the picturesque scenic beauty and the untouchable richness in flora & fauna. All the animals within the Kanha National Park are very special and are being preserved for they were approaching their extinction.

History of Kanha National Park

It is spread across two revenue collecting districts, that is, Manuals and Kalaghat. This National Park laid its foundation in 1879 when it was declared as a special preservation forest for plants and animals. It was later transformed into a wildlife sanctuary in 1933. The rights for animals were still not reserved; therefore it upgraded its position as a National Park in 1955. Starting from 1955 until this day it has been saving innumerable species from their extinction. Kanha National park is also known as the Tiger Country for it has a significant number if tigers out of all the existing tigers in India.

Present day scenario of the park

  • Today the Kanha National is one of the world’s finest wildlife areas having a strobing area of 940 sq kilometers alone in the Maikal chain of hills. If we include the core and buffer zones, as well, it comes out to be having a total area of 1945 sq kilometers.
  • What make this National park so beautiful are the green meadows which run alongside wooden strands of trees. On the other hand, it’s the dense maroon if a forest which gives the most magnanimous experience to adventurers and nature enthusiasts.
  • One can see many waterfalls and hills with dense wild forest and grasslands. It is often said that no one can ever predict this national park for it is so big and has every sort if nature’s gift within it.