Essay on Preservation of Wildlife For Kids & Students

With the extinction of a lot of wildlife in today’s world, it is very important to preserve the Wildlife. The wildlife is very important to the humans and it is very important to maintain the biological cycle of nature. Wildlife is thus, important and maintaining it is the main thing and one should make attempts to conserve and preserve the wildlife. The humans must stop interfering in the wildlife and it is one of the causes why the extinction of the wildlife is increasing with every passing day. The natural resources in today’s world are depleting like never before and there is no one to take care of that. The natural resources and wildlife are interconnected and with the depletion of the resources, the extinction of these animals will also increase. The wildlife is completely depended on the natural resources but the humans are leaving no chance to not destroy it and making cement jungles. The humans have cut all the trees to make big buildings and houses for themselves and they never thought twice that by cutting the trees they are destroying the homes of millions of animals and the wildlife.

People kill wild animals for their selfish reasons like for the meat, fur, teeth, skin, hair and other things and they sell it at higher rates to earn some income. The killing of animals happens across the world and hence should be stopped.

The animals are also killed because of the rapid growth of the human population. People need places to sleep and they need shelter and to provide shelter to the humans the shelter from the animals are taken away. The Tigers are also getting extinct and there are a lot of people who have come together to save the tiger. There are a lot of NGO’s as well that work hard to save the animals. PETA is another such organization that works towards the welfare of the animals and they are against the animal products and their only aim is to save the animals and help the animals.

There are various steps that one can take to preserve the wildlife.

  • One must collect the information about the wildlife and should know the exact count of their growth and number.
  • One should volunteer in protecting the forests.
  • There should be a proper demarcation of their areas
  • There should be some arrangements to help and protect the animals from the natural calamities and hazards.
  • A proper wildlife sanctuary should be made for the animals and there should be proper protection given to them.

India has taken various steps to protect the wildlife. India has a variety of wildlife and the country is making a lot of efforts to protect them. There are many centuries that helps in protecting the wildlife. The killing of animals has been declared as a crime and people who kill animals will be put behind the bars. There are many NGOs in India that are working towards saving and preserving the wildlife.