Essay on Peacock- The National Bird of India

Peacock is the National Bird of India. It is the most beautiful bird on this Earth. Peacock is a beautiful bird and it has variant colors that make it different from the other birds. The beautiful neck of the peacock is very graceful and it has a crest on its head. Peacocks have bright tails, which are very beautiful. the feathers of the peacock are violet and have eye-like-shape. The peacock is dark blue in color and it is a delight to see them.

The scientific name of Peacock is Pavo Cristatus. Peacocks have been a part of Indian history and culture for a very long time. it has been a part of the culture, paintings, sculptures, and other things. The Mughal Emperor – Shah Jahan, built his throne in the shape of this beautiful bird- Peacock. And his throne was called as the Peacock Throne.

There are two types of Peacock that can be found on this Earth. The Indian Peacock and the Burmese Peacock. The difference between the two peacocks is that the Indian peacock has a tuft of hair on its crest and the Burmese Peacock crest is pointed.

Peacock is a famous bird and is very beautiful. It has adapted to all the weather conditions and thus a peacock can live in dry and hot deserts, and even in extremely cold climates. The peacocks generally live in jungles or bushes where there is a permanent source of water and they like to sleep at night on the lower branches of any tall tree.

Peacocks are very shy creatures and they are very timid as well. They usually live in groups. In a flock, there are many peahens and one peacock and few chicks. The peacocks cannot fly too much but they can run really fast as they have strong legs.The peacocks have a very sharp and shrill voice and they generally are very alert. When they see any danger they use their voice to alert the other birds. The peacocks usually crow on mornings and evenings on a very cloudy day. Peacocks love rain and they open their feathers and dance with joy. It is something that is extremely beautiful and it is a beautiful sight to see.

The peahens as compared to the peacocks are dull in their looks and are even smaller in size. The peahens have no beautiful feathers. The peahens can lay 3-5 eggs at one time and they lay their eggs in the trunk of the trees or in the bushes. They even dig small holes sometimes to lay the eggs and to keep them safe. On an average, a peacock lives for 20-25 years.

The peacocks look like a cock but they are bigger and beautiful than a cock. The peacocks have the small crest that makes them look handsome. They are indigo in color and their feathers are very beautiful. The peacock is the national bird of the country and they have been a part of the Indian History since time immemorial.