Essay on Noise Pollution : Cause, Effect and preventive Measures

Noise pollution is otherwise known as sound pollution, which has been one of the most uncontrollable problem in the recent years. Noise pollution usually affects the people from all age group. It is mandatory to know the cause, effects and preventive measures of the sound pollution in order to prevent the negative impacts of Noise pollution on the human parts. When there is an excess level of Noise, the environmental pollution occurs. This Noise disturbance is very dangerous to the health of both animal as well as human beings. Compared to the water and soil pollutions, the Noise pollution has less impact on human body.

Source of Noise pollution

There are a lot of ways that the Noise pollution occurs, however it can be categorized into indoor and outdoor.


The excess level of noise in factories and industries can cause Noise pollution. On top of that , it can be caused through vehicular movements such as motor, truck, car, train, air crafts and trains. Besides vehicles, some major sources are explosion of bombs, playing of loudspeaker, construction work, festivals, special occasions, political meetings, strikes and similar endeavors.


Some of the common indoor sources are music systems, radio and such electronic gadgets.

Effects of Noise pollution

  • Noise pollution has a tendency to increase the rate of emotional effects includes, anxiety, Mental fatigue ,stress and irritability.
  • A recent research has shown that the performance of children is poor in reading tasks when school is located in busy city that suffers noise pollution.
  • In fact , noise pollution in high way road increase the risk of accident.
  • It has been observed that noise disturbance can cause temporary hearing loss ,which results in temporary threshold Shift. When a person gets affected by this disease, they will not be able to hear weak and low frequency sound.
  • Between 80 dB and 130 dB, hearing loss occurs. Some people exposed to 105 db and they may experience permanent hearing loss. When a person exposed to more than 180 dB, their eardrum will be ruprtured and can eventually kill them.

Control of noise pollution

It is bit difficult to control the excess level of noise pollution however we can slow the noise pollution by reducing noise level at source. By promoting vibration control and using sound absorption material, one can reduce the effects of Noise pollution gradually. Also, it can be reduced by prescribing exact noise limits for traffic and construction work.  Some of the control method includes

  • Save plant and trees.
  • Try to plant more trees like neem, coconut and ashok trees.
  • Spread general awareness about Noise pollution through TV and social media.
  • Silence zones should be added to colleges, schools and hospitals.

Getting away from Muffing vehicles and heavy machinery is a good way to conclude noise pollution. If we reduce the  Noise pollution , people can live and breathe healthy.