Essay on My City Thane For Kids & Students

Thane also called as Thana is one of the most populous cities in India and it is also a metropolitan city. The city is near to Mumbai and it is also its immediate neighbor. The city also coincides with the District and the Taluka region of Thane and it is a very populated city. The mayor of my city Thane is Minakshi Shinde and the deputy mayor is Rajendra Sapte. The city is locally called as Thana and it is also very Romanized and was called Tana. Ibn Battuta and Abudlfeda also called this city as Kukin Tana. The Kopineshwar temple is the oldest temple in the district of Thane. The people of Thane are also a part of the Mumbai city and sometimes it is not even considered as a different city but a part of the Mumbai city only.

The city was founded in the year 1787 and it was discovered by the foundations of Thane Fort in the same year as a copper plate was discovered. In the 14th century, the city was a major port under the Muslim governor and it produced the cloth called as Tanasi. Later in the year 1321, the city became a site as it saw the martyrdom of the St. Thomas as he was executed for blaspheming Muhammad. The city along with other forts and islands was occupied by the British in the year 1774.

Thane has a very tropical climate and it is usually dry and wet. The climate of Thane is similar to the climate of Mumbai and it also experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. Travelling to and from Thane is very easy as all the trains stop in this city and if you want to take the airplane then you can always take it from the Mumbai airport, which is not very far from the city. The people of Thane speaks Marathi and they follow the traditional culture and celebrate all the festivals.