Essay on My City Surat For Kids & Students

Surat is an Indian city, which is a part of the Gujarat State. The city is very pretty and its official language is Gujarati. It is a port city in the bank of Tapti River and it is also the economic capital of Gujarat in the western India. It is also the administrative capital of the state. Surat is also the 8th largest city in India. It is a big city and a very clean city. The people of Surat are mostly businessman and are very rich. The city is also not very far from Mumbai and also the capital city of Gujarat. Surat is very famous for its cotton mills and the Zari crafts. It is also the biggest center of the man-made-fiber.

The city’s official language is Gujarati and the people no matter what their cast speaks the language. It is also very rich in its culture and also the traditions. The city was earlier ravaged by Portuguese Empire and the city has a port and that was the reason why it became a famous stop for many foreigners. In 1520 the city got its name and was called as Surat. The city has also faced few tragedies during the early years. It is located in the banks of river Tapi and the climate of the city is very pleasant at night. The cool breeze from the river makes the city pleasant. It is also surrounded by other rivers like Bharuch, Narmada, and on the west is the Gulf of Cambay.

The culture of Surat is a typical Gujarati culture and people speak the native language and also eat the Gujarati food and the various cuisine that they make. The city is also a very big hub of Diamond cutting and polishing. The diamond cutters in Gujarat have emigrated from East Africa and are very talented and the industry established in the year 1901 and by early 70’s it became extremely popular and they started exporting stones to different countries.