Procrastination is the thief of time – What does it mean?

Procrastination is the thief of time. It denotes the significance of time. It means delaying a work or duty. When a person delays doing work at the right moment, they ought to do the things in very little time. A person who delays in doing things may fail to gain the success. Discipline and punctuality is the core of success. Being punctual is an important aspect of every successor. A person has only limited time to gain victory and he should be able to do the things in less time. We should do our work at the right time else we have to face the consequences. ‘Time is Fox’, which means Time never come back. Time once lost means lost forever. No one is going to change your past through time travel or something life. The proverb “Procrastination is the thief of time”, belongs to Edward Young. When a person who can finish a task in two or more hour means, his motivation is less as he takes more time. If he takes too much time, he wastes other’s time too. When a person lost their hard earned money, he can recover it with his hard work, but if he lost an hour, it won’t come back.

How procrastination happens in everyone’s life

No one in the world is 100% perfect. Everyone may face procrastination in any situation in their life. However, we can avoid such situation if we plan the things properly and follow accordingly. “ Time and Time Waits for None”, means you can wait for future but time won’t. If you are a kind of student who often read the lessons on the last day before the exam, then you haven’t planned well for your exam. Rather than studying your topics just a day before the exam, start reading the lessons daily. This way you never waste your time and eventually, you can get good marks. Also, you can make time schedule to read the subjects daily. Be it a businessman or student or freelancer, one has to plan the things properly.

If your work involves traveling, then you can plan a day before the tour so that you can avoid the last minute rush. Just analyze and plan your work properly. Planning your job is the right way to mastering the time. ‘Time is Money’. So, don’t waste your time.