Essay on Daman and Diu For Kids & Students

Daman and Diu is a union territory located in the Western part of India. It is also the smallest division of India in the mainland and is comprised of two distinct areas of Daman and Diu. Both the areas are separated by around 650 KM of Roadways. The Union Territory is bordered by the Arabian Sea and the State of Gujarat.


Daman and Diu were under the rule of Portuguese for about 450 years. Daman and Diu were annexed to India by military conquest in 1961. After unification, Daman and Diu was part of the larger Union Territory along with Goa. However, after the statehood given to Goa in 1987, it has been a separate Union Territory.


Daman and Diu have limited agriculture and industries. Due to closeness to Mumbai and Surat City of Gujarat, Daman and Diu have remained a popular place for the industries. The tourism industry is also booming here. The beautiful beaches and the water sports of Daman and Diu are major attractions for the local and international tourists. Apart from the old churches and the Portuguese architecture are major travel destinations for the Daman and Diu Union Territory.


Daman and Diu have prominent Portuguese culture and many izmit escort Roman Catholic Churches can be seen in the area. However, the languages spoken are majorly Gujarati, Konkani, Hindi, and English. All of these four languages have official status. The use of Portuguese language has fallen down by considerable amount recently. However, the Union Territory does showcase the cultural relations and heritage link of the prolonged Portuguese rules.


The population of Daman and Diu is around 242,911 as per the Census conducted in 2011. This is the 6th most among the Union Territories of India. The total area under Daman and Diu is around 6200 square meters.


Daman and Diu are the major cities of the Union Territories. However, the UT shares the other administrative offices like Court with Maharashtra. The Administrator and Advisor to Administrator help the UT to run. There are two districts Daman and Diu.


The Daman and Diu are connected via Indian Railways with Vapi Station of Gujarat which is around 12 KM. It is around 125 KM from the Surat City of Gujarat and 150 KM from Mumbai. Diu Airport is for commercial services and the Daman Airport has Indian Navy Air Base.