Essay on My city Amristar For Kids & Students

My city Amristar is a beautiful city in India. The city is named after the Amrit Sarovar, sacred river. My city is located in Punjab state, which has regular flight access throughout India. So, you can easily come & visit my beautiful city without any hassle. My city is the hub of wonderful sightseeing and tourist destination. Amristar is enriched with authentic architecture and traditional culture. In my city, you can visit the site of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre where hundreds of innocent people were massacred by British people.

Mata temple is a popular religious temple in my city. It is a Hindu cave built in memory of female saint Lal Devi. Ram Bagh Park is another leading attraction in my city. The palace of Maharaj Ranjit Singh is located next to this park. Now it has become the beautiful palace and tourist destination. It houses miniatures, cave paintings, oil paintings, coins and ancient instruments. The golden temple is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city. It is the traditional and important religious site of Sikhs. Darshani Deori is the main entrance to the city which features Victorian clock tower. Harmendir sahib is the beautiful place inside the golden table. It is just floating above the sacred river Amrit Sarovar. Central Sikh Museum is the second next main entrance to the city. Apart from the tourist spots, there are a lot of things to do in my city. Whenever you visit my city, don’t just miss out the street food in Amristar. My city is enriched with street side vendors selling the fresh, hot, green and hygienic version of food from a hot coffee, sweet halwa to delicious parathas & spicy curry. I love my city very much. A visit to my city brings worthwhile travel experience to you.