Essay on My Best Friend For Kids & Student


Best friends are difficult to find in the fast moving days. Once we get a best friend, we should try to retain them in our life. Since the technology is developing rapidly, our days are jam-packed with tasks. In this mechanical life, we need a soul to whom, we can share our happiness and sadness. As we know, if we share happiness, it multiplies and if we share sadness it divides. We should have a shoulder to cry on, during difficult times. Even though, you have relatives and family, they cannot understand the problem you are going through and will try to be judge mental. Best friends are hard to find and once we find them, they will add more colour to our lives

My Best Friend – Deepa

We have known each other for over 8 years. We studied in the same school and even though we didn’t study in the same class, we got introduced to each other during one of the cultural program, conducted in our school. Since then, we have been close and everyone tagged us to be the Lifeline of another. She is a straight forward and a studious person. She used to teach me Mathematics, a subject which I find difficult to understand. She is also a talented artist and she has created many paintings in many styles like Free Hand painting, Glass painting, etc.

Even though, we do not spend much time during school timing, we used to participate in many cultural programs, including Dancing, Singing, Fancy Dressing, etc. So after the school timing, we used to hang out together and prepare for cultural programs or she will teach me subjects, which I find difficult. Even our parents have known each other and our fathers work in the same bank. In addition to this, we go to theatre, mall, theme parks together, with our family. Whenever, we face difficult situations, we share it with the other person. If there is a solution to my problem, she will point it out. If not, she will console me.

In addition to this, she helped me develop my English speaking skills and made me come out of my shell. We also decided to take the same group, in higher studies. Since we want to be doctors, we chose the Biology group. Since she can draw well, she used to help me in drawing diagrams in my school record notes.  She is always patient with me and she corrects me if I am doing something wrong.


Even though, we may or may not get the same college, we will be friends forever, no matter how many new friends we make through our entire life. We were there for each other in both happy times and sad times. We handled each and every situation with ease. No matter how much we enjoyed during leisure time, she made me study hard for the exams and we scored a good grade, as well.