Essay on Mizoram For Kids & Students

Away from the hustle and bustle of hardcore politics and worldly whereabouts, there is a state in east India which is indeed a heaven in literal terms. Yes, you got it right; we are talking about Mizoram which is one of the seven sisters of East India.

The origin of Mizoram

  • The population of Mizoram is majorly Christian who was originally inhabitants of Burma and China during the 7th century BC.
  • They were not originally Christians while they lived in China and Burma but started to follow Christianity influenced by the British who colonized India.
  • The basic education of the Mizos was Mizo Language and Roman Script.
  • The Medieval Mizoram History is full of raids and tribal disturbances, that is, during the mid 18th century.

The Rich Culture of Mizoram

  • Mizoram is one of the best culturally blessed state of India which is known for the authenticity of its age old culture. Its culture is still influenced by the Mizo tribe and other foreign intrusions that happened over the centuries a long time ago.
  • The literal meaning of the Mizo tribe means: Mi for people and Zo for the hills that is people who belong to the hills.
  • Although, Mizoram is now advancing and with modernization comes technology, it is still unmoved of its culture.
  • It has a Young Mizo Association which was made to maintain the traditional values of Mizoram and makes sure no one disturbs the peace of Mizo.
  • The people of Mizoram celebrate the festival of Chapchar Kut which is in celebration of fresh cultivation.
  • The Bamboo dance of Mizoram is famous throughout the world.
  • The traditional folk dance and music festivals represent Mizoram as a friendly and loving state which believes in togetherness.

Places to visit in Mizoram

Phawngpui hills

This is the highest mountain peak of Mizoram located in the Chhimtuipui district. Its name meaning house of gods is somewhat true because the landscape from the top of this hiss is surreal.

Vantawang Falls

This waterfall which is situated in the Serchhip district is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India. It is a part of the Vanva River; this waterfall will give you the best memory from Mizoram.

Palak Lake

If you are ready to witness a view like Lake Constance from Germany which has greenery as far as eyes could see and the clear skies, Palak Lake is the place to go.

Mountain Hiking

If you are a true travel head and adventurer then don’t miss a chance to explore the beautiful Mizo hills on bicycle or hiking. The hills of Mizoram will give you the best time taking into consideration that it will allow you to be the closest with nature which is unpolluted and away from modernization.

Try the Mizo Cuisine

The best way to explore a new state is by tasting their cuisine. Cuisine gives the best vibes and true flavors of the place and its citizens. The Mizo Cuisine is one to taste for it is unmatched by any other cuisine in the world.

Buy the local handicraft

It seems as though Mizos have nothing what they can’t achieve. This is true once you see the Mizo handicraft which is exclusively handmade.

The Khuangchera Puk

This is a cave which is situated in Ailawng. It is one of many ancient caves of Mizoram that represents the ancient history of Mizoram. It is the longest cave in Mizoram with 162 meters of length and stalagmite formations still served in which dates back to thousands of years.