Essay on importance of Girls Education

Education is a must despite the gender but from time immemorial the girls have been left behind and the boys of the family got the education. Girls education is equally important as even they are a part of the society and it will help in the growth and development of the society only. The reasons why the girls are not educated because the family considers them as a liability. They know that their daughter will grow and will be married to someone and she has nothing to do then. All she will do is become a housewife, give bought to children and take care of the family. But that should not be the case.

A girl should get educated and she should be made independent so that she can stand on her feet and take her own responsibility. An educated girl can also take care of the family and give birth to children. if the girl is educated she will make sure her children are educated and she will also try to make them independent. The education of girls is very important as in today’s world, depending on anyone for anything is the worst thing and if the girl is depending on a boy for her living then she is making a mistake.

We live in the 21st century, where everyone and everything should be treated equally and properly and hence a girl should be able to take care of herself and also should be able to contribute financially to the family. It should not be just the man who is the only one earning in the house. The other important reason for a girl to get educated is that she has no idea what she is getting into when she is married, hence, it is very important for her to be educated so that if something happens in the future she can survive alone and also live independently without begging for anything from anyone.

There are various reasons why a girl should be educated and therefore one must make sure that the girls are educated as well in the family. The girls are smart and they understand things better and are also matured enough to take right decisions. An educated girl cannot be dominated as she knows her rights. An educated girl can help the family financially and can help her husband in the work. Girls are very capable to rule the country and a well-educated leader is something that everyone needs.

Girls should thus be treated equally and they should also be given the opportunity to learn. In today’s time the girls have proved themselves better than the boys in every aspect of life and even terms of education. They are standing neck to neck with the boys and that is what one wants. It becomes very important to understand the rights and the equality. An educated girl will know her rights and she will not tolerate any kind of misbehavior from anyone. Hence, it becomes very important to educate the girls as even they can change the future of the country.