Essay on Democracy in India

India is the largest democratic country. Democracy means that the leader is chosen by the people and they are the ones who decide who will be their new prime minister or president.  It’s done on the basis of votes and it has been following democracy since forever. Indian democracy is famous across the globe for its ways and the things that they do. In a democracy, the government is to the people, by the people, and for the people.

The government of the country is selected by the people and they make a conscious choice and an effort to go and vote for their leader. Democracy is a good thing as there is no particular rule and there is no hierarchy system. The leaders are people that we choose and they make sure to do the best in whatever they can for the people. The promises that make before the voting starts, the campaigning is important as it tells the people what they are getting into. Many times the leaders don’t deliver what they say to the people and hence people start cursing the government.

Being in a democratic country you have the rights to freedom of speech and expression, which makes it simpler for the people to express themselves if they are unhappy with something. The Indian democracy is the biggest has all sorts of expressions and people.

Indian got the freedom in the year 1947 and before that there was the colonial rule and the British and before the British, the people were ruled by the kings and the queens. After independence, the people got their freedom and they attained the freedom to chose their leaders and the government. There are certain things that the people should know when living in a democracy.

  • They should know their rights.
  • People should be educated to get proper rights under the democracy.
  • The candidates that are selected by the people should be smart and they should be willing to change the world and make the country a better place and more developed.
  • There should be an effective and fair journalism.
  • The people should be treated equally and they should be able to express their feelings.

Democracy is the best way to rule the country and anyone who aims to rule the country can work hard and be a part of the government and try to change the world. The demographic country gives an opportunity to people to express their feelings, keep a strong option and also allows them to choose their leader.