Essay on Nagaland For Kids & Students

When speaking of Nagaland, all that comes to your mind is beautiful and vast mountain ranges, lakes and waterfalls. Thos northeastern state is one gem which is yet to be explored. But as it is said, unexplored is the best of nature because it stays away from modernization and pollution. But speaking of Nagaland, all it offers a visitor is immense love and ultimate beauty.

History of Nagaland

  • The state of Nagaland which shares international borders with Myanmar has very little evidence of its early history.
  • The citizens of Nagaland’s were from the Naka tribe of Burma which means people with pierced ears.
  • The only medieval history that has any record of existence is that Nagaland was earlier a part of Myanmar until the Indian government passed an amendment to include it in Indian borders after independence in 1947.
  • It was the 16th Indian state which was formed in 1963.
  • Before this, Nagaland was a Burma territory in 1816.
  • In 1892, all the seven sisters of east were a part of British colony except Nagaland.

The Industrial growth

  • The growing industry of Nagaland, in recent years has achieved a proud label as a hub of many medium-sized industries.
  • The Nagaland state has a striving number of 30 small-scale and medium-sized industries.
  • The sugar mill of Nagaland has a daily production of 1,000 tones which is comparable to any other sugar mill of country.
  • The uprising industries of Nagaland includes:
  • Bio-Tech
  • Floriculture
  • Agro-Based
  • Handloom
  • Sericulture
  • Organic farming
  • Petrochemicals

Best time to visit Nagaland:

  • The weather of Nagaland is pleasant all over the year due to the heavenly landscape and mountain ranges. All these features makes Nagaland a must visit state if you wish to explore something which is purely natural and away from the colossal city.
  • Nagaland undoubtedly has the best weather conditions of our country because its temperature ranges between 20-30° C throughout the year.
    It experiences 250cm if rain during every monsoon which is enough to raise a yearlong cultivation.

Even during the winter season Nagaland experiences a pleasant winter for its days are filled with sunny ray’s mixes with clouds.

The Tribal Population

  • Since, Nagaland is purely a tribal state, 80% of its population is still tribal. A range of different tribal communities live together in harmony celebrating their festivals and performing the ancient traditions.
  • One thing that sets Nagaland apart is that they are simple yet pay utmost importance in education.

The social evils like Dowry, Child Marriage, and Patriarchy which dwell in other parts of country, Nagaland performs no such tradition.