Essay on Recycling and Its Importance & Benefits


There is now a scientific evidence that shows that effects of global warming may get permanent within 15 years which implies that the world will start heating up constantly until earth has no strand of life left. Therefore to slow down the effects of global warning, recycling would be an important alternative. Recycling is an important method to protect the environment. Fewer resources are required to create products which creates lesser pollution and lesser devastation of earth’s nature. On the other hand, recycling is not economically feasible always, which means that if you do it, do it without any expectation of a financial reward so if people are motivated because of monetary benefits, it might not be priority for them.

What exactly implies by Recycling?

Recycling means converting the used materials which are branded as ecological or recyclable to be made or reused as a new material for a new use. These products are generally transformed into the raw materials and then used for creating new products. Recycling can reduce the additional waste which is totally harmless for the planet. Reuse, Recycle and conserve must be done constantly so that the limited natural resources can be replenished. Not all the materials are recyclable. Generally the recyclable products are categorized from 1 to 7, most recyclable stands at 1 and least recyclable stands at 7. There are disposal basins available so that your efforts to recycle waste are not wasted.

Importance of recycling

There are a number of facts which show that recycling is of utmost importance to the environment. Human beings add waste to the planet earth in their entire lifetime and with the increasing population the situation has become alarming. Therefore, it is very important to recycle waste materials and reuse the materials so that the natural resources are utilized to their utmost caliber.

Benefits of recycling

Recycling is very beneficial for the environment of earth. Reducing and recycling the waste will help in reduction of production of gases from the waste energy plants and it further saves the most precious resources of the world. Some of the important benefits are listed below:

  1. Recycling helps in converting the used material into new materials thus it helps in saving the natural resources as their need is reduced by converting used into new products. If we do not recycle the used materials, the new materials will be made by taking the raw materials from the earth’s resources. Thus Recycling, helps in conserving the forests and also protects the natural habitat of the animals.
  2. Recycled materials use considerable amount of energy which is comparatively lesser than manufacturing the new product thus it saves energy and all other costs.
  3. Recycling helps in protecting the environment as it reduces the requirement of mining, refining, logging and extracting. These create pollution which is harmful for the nature.
  4. Recycling saves energy and thus it also decreases the greenhouse gas emissions, which helps in tackling the climatic changes.
  5. Recycling reduces incineration as the recyclable products are converted into new materials this incineration of materials is reduced.


Recycling is surely very important if the mankind wants to slow down the destruction of earth. We need more and more projects so that we can upsurge the amount of recycling in our country and along with it we need to find out ways to recycle items which are unsanitary and/or perilous.