Essay on Internet – It’s Advantages and Disadvantages

The Internet has become a need these days and living without the internet is a problem. There are so many things that one can do when he or she has internet. Everyone these days has an internet connection on their phones that they can easily use for various things. Getting the internet connection has become a simple and an easy thing and one can easily do it. The various telephone networks provide internet services at various costs and it is a very simple thing and all you need is a phone that supports the internet and you can utilize the facility of internet at any cost. There are different kinds of a network as well like 3G, and 4G network and they provide a better and a higher speed of the internet. People use the internet in their day to day life and it has made their lives easier in a lot of ways.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet.

Advantages of using Internet

  • It has simplified life- the internet has made life easier and simple and you can find or get anything by just a click.
  • It has made the procedure of payment easier- Earlier there was no such thing as online payment and one had to physically go and make the payments but today because of the internet one can sit at home and make the payments in any part of the world.
  • Made shopping easy – online shopping has become a great thing now and people will eventually stop going to the market to shop as they can sit at home and buy whatever they want and at their convenience.
  • It helps in connecting with people– the Internet has helped a lot in socialising and it is one of the easier ways to connect with people from across the world and also be in touch with your friends and family who stay far away from you.
  • It helps in easy earning- If a person wants to earn some money sitting at home, the internet has provided that service as well and you can sit at home and earn money.
  • It helps in finding jobs- the internet has made it very easy to find the kind nowadays. One can sit at home and apply for whatever job they want.

Disadvantages of Internet

  • It has become an addiction- People today are dependent only on the internet for every single thing and they have become the internet.
  • It has increased the usage of phones- because of the internet services people today are always busy on their phones and they have stopped interacting with people who are sitting with them.
  • It costs you more than the usual money to buy anything- when you shop online sometimes the cost is increased as they are charging the internet handling fees as well, which is add on the money you are spending already.
  • Knows all your personal information– When you use a lot of internet you also give a lot of your personal information, which might become a problem.


Internet is a need and it should exist in the life but overuse and depending only on the internet is a problem and one must be careful with the usage of internet. You should be careful in talking to people and you should not reveal too much of your information to the public.