Essay on Indian Heritage and Culture

The Indian culture and heritage is India’s asset and people across the world is aware of that. We are culturally rich people and we love the traditions and the customs that is needed to live in the society. People of different religions have the different culture but we tend to follow all of them with dignity and pride. India is a developing nation and it has millions of people and all of them come from different backgrounds and culture. We as Indians live with the culture that we have inherited from our ancestors and we still follow it and we also love to pass it to the generations and teach them the culture and the traditions.

Culture also defines our behavior towards others as for how delicately we respond to the things and our comprehension towards values, morals, standards, and convictions. Individuals of old ages pass their societies and convictions to the coming generations and in this way, every person here carries on properly to the others as they effectively found out about the culture from their parents and family and our elders. Our culture can be seen here in almost everything like art,dance, creativity, music, fashion, social standards, behavior, social norms, engineering, dressing sense, and so forth. India has a major mixture of different culture and practices which have built beautiful societies and a great mix of people.

Different religions have originated from the old age and decades just about many thousand years. Like Hinduism was started here from the Vedas. All the blessed Hindu sacred texts were scripted in the sacrosanct Sanskrit dialect. It is believed that Jainism has old inception and their originated in the Indus Valley. Also, Buddhist religion that took birth in this nation after the lessons of Gautama Buddha. Christianity camein India later by the French and the British who ruled the country for around two centuries. People also adapted their religion and culture and it became a good mix of the English and French culture as well. The modernity and the dressing were acquired from the English and the French. But the Indians never left their roots and still were attached to their roots. People of every religion live together calmly and they follow the culture and beliefs of other religion as well.

Different times have been seen by the people however nobody was so intense in changing the impact of our culture. Our culture teaches us to good behaviour, respect  tothe older folks, care for the poor and help those who need help without thinking twice. The country is culturally rich and people of this country are very humble and are rich within. There are certain things that are a common thing in all the Indians and it is followed across the country, though the ways might differ the emotions remain the same all the time.

There is the extraordinary culture of India that we should constantly welcome our visitors are treated as God, that is the reason India is known for its respect and welcoming gesture that they show to their guests. The roots of the country are very strong and the culture is intact.