Essay on Importance of Learning English

Introduction – For a number of reasons English has the status of being a global language. In the world of communication and information technology, English has become an International language. The other reasons of people preferring English over any other language is that it is very important if a person want to grow in his/her life. It is a very important part of our employment and it is extremely important to keep us connected to the globalized world. We must learn English of we want to make a mark in the world and alter with the progression in the world. As a matter of fact we might go backward if we do not learn this language. It is an era of globalization.

Anything happening in any part of the world, gets recognition immediately. Therefore to keep up with the changing world. English is a must. We need to communicate in English and this language has attained the honor of being a global language. Many countries which do not have English as their other language of communication have now started inculcating English in the curriculum of their students from the initial classes. It is no longer a language of American or British but now it belongs to the world.  It is the first language of more than 300 million people of this world and over 350 million people have English as their second language. In over 60 countries, English is recognized as official and semi-official. Many international meetings are held in this language.

Importance of Learning English

English as a language is used by people all over to world to communicate with each other. Even when people from two different backgrounds meet, they have to depend on English for better understanding. It is widely spread and accepted as it plays a vital role which is why it is called as the common language or Lingua Franca.  Therefore, the importance of these language needs no clarification as it is important for a various reasons which are listed below:

  1. Education – Highly important if you want to get higher education and a specialized training in any foreign or native country. Most of the journals and books are written in English and mostly this is the mode of instruction in various schools, colleges and universities.
  2. Business – People who want to have a flourishing international business use English to communicate with their counterparts across the world.
  3. Better Job prospects – English is vital to get a great paying job. Many multinational companies hire people who have a good command over the language.
  4. Information technology – English is the language of internet and information technology these days. To get access to any information, English is essential.
  5. Updated with the happenings of the world – English helps us by letting us know about various cultures, inventions and discoveries of the world. There is a great deal of information available in the form of books and documents which can let you know about the world. Besides, English is the main medium of getting the access to the world news and entertainment.


With all the points mentioned above it can be stated that the importance of this language cannot be denied. If you know English, you can communicate with anyone. Therefore it is extremely useful.