Essay on Harvest Festivals of India

India is an agricultural nation and harvesting season is a reason to rejoice for Indians. There are many different harvest festivals in India and they vary from one region to another. Here is the list of all major harvest festivals of India

Makar Sankranti – This festival is celebrated in January and it has many different names. It is also known as Pongal in South, Lohri in North and it has many other names. A lot of people fly kites during this festival to celebrate the harvest season.

Baisakhi – Next popular Harvest Festival in India is Baisakhi and it is mostly celebrated in Punjab and neighboring This festival is celebrated to express gratitude to god and it also has religious significance to Sikhs.

Rongali Bihu – Rongali Bihu is mostly celebrated in Assam and this festival is celebrated thrice every year but each of them has a different name. This is also remarked as Assamese New Year and the celebrations last for 7 days.

Hareli – Hareli is the celebration of the harvest season in Chhattisgarh. This festival is celebrated in Monsoon season and all the farmers worship their farming tools during the festival.

Onam – Onam is yet another popular festival in India and it is celebrated between August and September. This festival signifies the harvest of rice and the celebrations last about 10 days.

Nuakhai – Do you know which the harvest festival of Orissa is? Well, it is Nuakhai and this festival is also celebrated between August and September during the harvest season.

Kut – In Manipur, people celebrate Kut festival and this festival is celebrated in November. The celebrations of Kut includes traditional dance and other such events.

Tokhu Emong – Last harvest festival in India is Tokhu Emong and this is celebrated in Meghalaya, West Bengal,and It is certainly one of the popular festivals in northeast India.

These are all the harvest festivals celebrated in India every year.