Essay on Gir National Park

The Gir National Forest is the only existing strands of the almost extinct Asiatic lions. Although it is the only stronghold for the Asiatic lions, this National Park is home to more than 30 species of tigers, around 30 species of reptiles and 300 species of birds most of which take their shelter during their hibernation. This National park is also a home to innumerable insect species. This National Park has the most number of Asiatic Lions that is 355.

The History of Gir National Park

This magnificent National Park was founded in 1975 when it was given the position of being a Lion Reserve. It was soon upgraded to a national park in order to preserve the last few existing lions from hunting, poaching, and killing by providing them safe and home-like conditions. This national forest is home to a lot of species of wild animals including bird’s insects, and mammals but the Asiatic Lion is the only endangered species which is being preserved here.

The National Park is spread in an area of 258 sq kilometers.

Flora and Fauna at Gir National Forest

  • The flora is not as diverse as the fauna found here, yet it is one great sight to have. The Gir National forest has kakuro, chair, same, amla, kalam, teak etc variety of trees. Its Fauna is quite versatile and diverse in comparison to the above-mentioned list of flora.
  • Such as Asiatic Lions, Leopards, Cobras, Striped hyenas, Mongoose, Golden Jackal, Marsh Crocodile, Palm Civets, Pythons, Fish Owl, Crested Hawk-eagle, Pygmy Woodpecker, Indian Pitta and Bonelli’s Eagle etc. These plants and animals make the National Park a must visit places in India.

Best time to visit the Gir Forest

The park is situated in the tropical zone which means that the average rainfall around here throughout the year is 1000mm. This is too much of rain for a tourist to visit the Gir Forest. The best time is to wait until the monsoon gets over and the weather is pleasant with a cool breeze for best nature’s walk and to enjoy the jungle safari. The best time to visit gir national forest if between the months of October and April. One can spot lions very easily during one of these months and have the most amazing sight of Steepy rocky hills, grasslands, waterfalls and green meadows. It has a unique experience to offer for you can actually live in the forest and be close to nature.