Essay On Eid Festival For Kids & Students

Eid is the festival of gaiety, festivity, and feasting for the Muslims all over the world. This day marks the end of the month of Ramadan which is the holy month for the Muslims. Muslims fasts (Roja) during this month and on sighting the moon of the Ramadan, they break their fasting. For the entire month, Muslims wait for the moon of the Eid to end the fasting. This also marks the first day of the Shawwal month. It is the day when the Muslims of the entire world celebrate Eid. The day of Eid Celebration may differ by a day in the world depending on the sighting of the moon in the various countries.


It is believed that fasting during Ramzan or Ramadan purifies the soul. The fasting is believed to saves them from going to the hell. They live a pure life during the Ramadan Month and offer Namaz to the Almighty. Once the Moon is declared to be seen by the Maulavi of the Mosque, Eid celebration begins.


Muslims wake up in the morning and take bath to wear new dresses for the Namaz or prayers of the Eid. After visiting the mosques and offering Namaz, they embrace each other with exchange greetings of Eid. As a custom, everyone exchanges message of “Eid Mubarak” to each other. Huge arrangements are made for celebrating the Eid. Sweets are prepared and exchanged. The houses and colonies are decorated for the festival. It is believed that the joys of the Eid are doubled when they are shared and people come together once the moon is sighted. At some places, even Eid Fair is celebrated. Children buy toys and enjoy rides for the Eid Festival. People often eat together for Eid. Friends and families join each other to mark the special day of the calendar.

In India, all other communities join the Muslims to celebrate the festival of brotherhood, love, and sympathy. It is the day when family comes together; friends meet and embrace each other. This is the day when people leave hatred, jealousy, and enmity to the celebrated brotherhood.


Eid is not only of a great religious importance but also has huge significance for the community and the brotherhood. Eid is often considered as a day when the strength of the society is witness by exchanging the joy, greetings, love, and sympathy.