Essay on Corruption in India

Corruption, as we all know, has become an important issue in everyone’s life and it is taking a toll on everybody. Corruption was always a part of the country and it is not a moral thing to do. People around the world have been practicing corruption and they are doing it since time immemorial. Corruption is very simple and it is something that even young people follow. Corruption in simple language means that giving bribe to someone to make your work done and in an easy way to avoid any hard work. Corruption is bribing of a kind and it even starts at your own household. There is no particular way or format that can be used to do corruption but anyone who wants to get their work done can get into corruption. India today is facing a lot of issues regarding corruption and it has become one of the biggest problems that the country is facing today. Corruption makes the poor suffer a lot.

There are many ways to stop corruption but it will take the country years to be completely free of corruption. Bribing is in nature of every individual. We all think that money can literally buy anything. We teach our kids that bribing is not bad. We start bribing them when they are kids. If they are not listening, you say we will buy you a chocolate or anything that they like if they do this or do that. It is a bribe in a way and we teach them that if you give something to someone the person will listen to you and your work will be done. The kids are innocent and they start learning this art when they are young. Hence, we should stop doing this to our kids and teach them in a right way to do whatever they want to do. You grow old, you have already learned the art of bribing. Your mind is already corrupted and in schools and colleges you bribe people or your friends to do work for you and that is a form of corruption.

You grow older and you start bribing the cops and everyone else to get your work done and that’s how the country starts getting corrupted.

The politicians of India are so corrupted and there have been scams where the people have looted the money of the general public and the ones who suffered were the poor. There is no end to corruption and people have been doing it since forever. The people at the highest posts are more corrupted than anyone else and those people are sitting and ruling the country. Everyone in this country is corrupted but they don’t know how they are corrupted as for them the only corrupted people are the politicians because they are the ones who are making rules and regulations for the people and they think that they are the only ones suffering.

Corruption is something that needs to end and it should end on urgent basis. People should stop teaching their kids the wrong habits it should stop from there. If that is understood, then the corruption will eventually end in the country.