Essay on Education System in India

Education is the heart & soul of everyone’s life. It is the transfer of knowledge to the society. It plays a good role in connecting an individual with the society. Education is life. Without education, we haven’t seen major development in internet & technology. But, our education system is an outdated one. Education has been a problem in India because the education system needs to change a lot. Great Saint, Rabindranath Tagore wrote a popular article on the education system in India. And, he adds his thought on how to change the education system effectively. India is an authentic country with rich cultural heritage, art, and architecture. We have established IIM, IIT and other such high –quality institutions to provide quality educations to students. Unfortunately, most of the students from these institutions failed to get top colleges. An IIT student with more than 95 percentages finds it the bit difficult to land in their dream colleges.

In our education system, students just memorize the subjects to score good grades in their exams. The education was introduced by British to create civil servants for their government. But, still, we are following the same pattern without any hassle. There are plenty of schools, colleges and educational institutional out there, but for most students, getting into dream job is so difficult. Even a topper and outstanding student find difficulties in landing their dream job. If a student has prepared for bank exams, they can crack engineering exams too. Despite the fact that the job and work of bankers and engineers are different, the education system conducts same assessment test for both of the potential candidate. A psychometric test should be conducted to evaluate the particular skills of a candidate. There are a lot of assessment and psychometric tests out there; however, both the banker and engineer took aptitude test during their recruitment process. In fact, there are some issues in our education system. Students just by got some topics and clear their competitive exams such as CLAT, NEET, AIMS etc. Due to this, they could not be able to get a decent job. Meanwhile, there are some schools out there, provides education, which doesn’t meet the education standard. In rural areas, the education system is totally different. Due to the lack of facilities, rural students are unable to deserve the good education. Also, the schools in rural areas are not backed by experienced teachers and therefore, students find difficulties in this competitive world. Also, they feel very hard to face the outside world. If a student gets educated well, there will be the drastic changes in their life.

Creating a few more institution and colleges are not a way to conclude this issue, rather government should analyze the fact of this system and eventually change the system. Future generation means everything to our country and, hence; it is the responsibility of government and society to analyze the issues and takes an immediate step as soon as possible. If our education system has changed, then our country would have been much better.