Essay on Importance of Mathematics

It is not surprising that Mathematics is the basic and essential part of our daily routine. It is essential to understand our world in a better way. From cooking to traveling to chatting to medicine, numbers and figures have been an essential part of our everyday life. For most students, Mathematics is a difficult subject but how many of you know the importance of Mathematics that you use in your daily life. Whether you are designing a medical device or constructing a building or even formulating medicine, percentage, statistics are most important. Algebra, complex numbers, probability and Arithmetic calculations are important elements of our life.  For instance, statisticians using Maths to measure populations, accountants using Mathematics to measure trade, ratings etc. without Mathematics, it is difficult to manage the things in banking, IT and government sectors. In short, we can state that this world is nothing without Mathematics.

In Kitchen

It is no wonder that Mathematics is also used in Kitchen. If you are unaware of the numbers, then it is difficult to predict measurements, make measurement etc. In order to cook tasty food, one should have at least known basic of Mathematics. While going for shopping, you may have to get a list of different lists contains fruits & vegetables. You also need to calculate the required amount of the list you have prepared. In order to get your task done, mathematics is mandatory.

In the field of banking

Banking is the essential sector, where you can get your money. The process of bank transaction is not an easy one as it requires a lot of logical thinking and a good understanding of Maths. In order to carry the transaction process, maintain your account like withdraw & deposit money, one should have good knowledge in mathematics that’s why hiring process for banking sectors are much difficult comparing to other government sectors. If you want to take a loan, then you should have a good idea about the interest rate, monthly premium rate etc. Hence, both customers and bankers should have a basic idea of mathematics.


Everyone loves traveling outside but it also requires Mathematics. While you are planning a travel, you need to consider tickets, hotel bookings, expense etc. without such things; it is difficult to complete your travel plan. From hiring cabs to booking tickets, Mathematics is the essential part. Hence, students should learn basics of Mathematics properly.