Essay on Child Labor in India For Kids & Student

Child Labor is one of the gruesome crimes and it should be not practiced anywhere in the world. The young kids who are supposed to get educated and enjoy their lives are made to work in the dangerous and hazardous factories and sometimes in small vendor shops where they work day and night. The term ‘chotu’ in our Indian society is very famous and a young boy who is working in any of the sectors is called a chotu. This chotu needs education and he is working because he is in need of money, because his family cannot afford him. But it is our duty to make sure that this young boy is getting educated and we must help them rather than making him work in big factories and other vendor shops. Child Labor is practiced in India and despite having laws and rules against it, the people don’t care and they still get involved in such acts because in such cases they get labor for cheap and the young kids are also very hard working. The main reason of child labor is lack of education and poverty.

The rural India and child labor

Child Labor is most commonly seen in the rural India and about 85 percent of Child Labor happens in these areas. The children work in the agricultural lands and they are involved in- farming, forestry, fisheries, and livestock rearing. The children work in such areas and they also work in the factories, which are hazardous to their health and life. The child Labor is also observed in the weaker states of the country where the cities are not developed yet like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Uttarakhand and other North Eastern states. The main reasons for child labor are the larger expectations of the family, child abuse, lack of education, poverty, and many other factors constitute for child labor. The people are not educated enough and the people living in these states still face poverty, which becomes the main reason for child labor.

Child Labor and Government

The government is doing whatever they could to eradicate child labor completely from the society. It is a great National Problem and there are many laws that have been passed to get rid of child labor in India. India is also a part of the UN declaration on the rights of child Labor and they have also adopted a policy of Child Labor in India. There are a lot of Government organizations that are there to make sure that the child labor is stopped in the country. They even try to help the families financially trying to raise their economic conditions. There are many Non-Profit Government organizations that help in eradicating the Child Labor. Save the Children is one such organization that is against the child labor and they help the children below 14 years to get proper education and a better living. CRY is another such organization that works towards eliminating child labor from the country.  There are many other NGO across the country and the world that are there to help the children and who wants every single child to get educated and have a good life.