Essay on Human and Nature For Kids & Students

Humans are the social and evolved animals who have changed nature according to their convenience and living. Humans in the early civilization depended completely on nature for everything and now they have started taking the mother nature for granted. Mother nature is very vital and humans after almost destroying have started realizing the importance of nature and the harm that they have cause to nature. Nature includes the physical world like land, soil, plants, animals and the other elements. There is a proper cycle that has been created but the humans interrupted it and destroyed everything according to their convenience. There was a time when the humans depended on the trees for shelter and for various other things, but today they are cutting trees everywhere and making houses and buildings. The trees are cut regularly and hence the air, man breath is nothing but some hazardous gas that is harmful to our health. There are m cities in India that are so polluted that people get masks to cover their mouth as it provides a filter. Humans and nature should be one as if there is no nature then soon there will be no humans as well.

Humans and Nature should go hand in hand. Earth is the only planet that has supported human life and we are not leaving a single chance to destroy it. We will not get this kind of living conditions on any other planet and hence, it is our duty and responsibility to make sure that we take care of nature as it has taken care of us from centuries. Nature can support us only up to some extent and it has been doing it, now it is our duty to respect the nature and give her back what she has given us.

Humans should make an effort to protect the nature and help the world in any way they can and also leave a better world for the generations to come. Humans have now understood the damage that they have created to nature and now they are making an effort to rectify the mess. Many countries are also now understanding the problems they have created by cutting the trees. Now there are campaigns that are put out to plant more trees and going green. It has become a serious issue and people from across the globe are making efforts to make sure to sort out this problem.

India is also now realizing the causes that everyone is facing because of cutting trees and harming the nature. The main problems faced by the people are unhealthy air, arable villages and land, landslides, deforestation, rainfall and many other problems. The government is also taking a lot of initiatives to save whatever little is left of nature and making sure the coming future generation lives a healthy and a happy life. There are a lot of Non-Government organizations as well that works towards saving the nature and saving the world.