Essay On Agriculture in India

Agriculture is primarily referred to the cultivation of crops and plants. However, agriculture is broad and wide to what it is generally anticipated. This is one of the backbones of the Indian economy and includes many branches like the production of livestock, fibre, fuel, and others utilizing the natural resources. In order to understand the significance of agriculture, one must know that almost 70% of the Indian Population is dependent on the agriculture and almost one third of the Indian National Income comes from the agriculture source.

History of Agriculture in India

Indian agriculture dates back to historic times. India is an agriculture based country and exports farmed products. However, primitive methods, low quality seed, improper irrigation, lack of dams and lack of fertilizer held the country back in terms of production. However, in the recent past after 1971, after the Green Revolution, Indian Agriculture has seen massive changes, and the production has increased by multiple folds.

Agriculture Methods

India is blessed with yielded land thanks to the multiple rivers. The improved irrigation system ensures that the fertile land is provided with the water supply. Farmers throughout the country use both primitive methods for farming and the modern equipment as well. Improved fertilizers, quality seeds, education among the farmers have increased the agriculture production of the country.

Major Agriculture Products

Globally, India is the higher producer of the Tea and Groundnuts. It stands second for the production of Rice, Sugarcane, Jute and Oil Seeds. India also tops in producing in Fruit, Buffalo Milk, Spices, Bananas, Mangoes, Ginger, and others. India is the second largest producer of wheat, Garlic, Cauliflower, Cashew, Peas, Potatoes, Onion, Cabbage, and others. These are mere few of the data for the agriculture products, Agriculture and its allied sectors like fisheries, forestry, dairy and others account for almost 50% of Indian workforce and 13.7% of GDP.

Agro Industries

Agriculture is not only about the cultivation but also fuels huge Agro Industries. Agro Industry is one of the key constitutes for the Indian Economy and Exports. Biotechnology is also booming in India thanks to the Agriculture.

New Initiatives

Agriculture needs innovation and initiatives for better production. Organic Farming is one of the prime examples of latest agricultural effort.

Road Ahead

More dams are being planned for the irrigation and increase of production especially in the drought hit areas. Linking of rivers is being considered at the highest level for constant water flow. Chemical Fertilizers and improvised seeds are under constant trial to improve the production.