Digit Car Insurance Premium Calculator, Chart

Digit Car Insurance Premium Calculator

If you are looking for car insurance, then Digit Car Insurance can be a good option. The insurer has as a good reputation in the market for providing quality services. Car insurance policy offered by the insurer are comprehensive in nature. To add more, the insurer also facilitates its customers to calculate the premiums even before buying it through Digit car insurance premium calculator. In this article, we’ll discuss how this premium calculator works and the related factors of calculating digit car insurance premiums.

What’s Digit Car Insurance Premium Calculator?

A car insurance premium is a tool that instantly helps people to calculate the insurance premium cost of a car according to the details you provide like the model, age of the car, etc. It is crucial to have an insurance premium for your vehicle, because the future is uncertain, and there could be any mishappening. To secure the expensive vehicles that you bought with hard-earned money, you should have an insurance premium. There are certain things taken into consideration while calculating the premium.

Premium Calculator for Used/Old Cars

Calculation of premium for old cars will be done after providing all the details of the car like a model of the car, type, registration number, age of the car, fuel type, etc. The more your car will be older, the lesser you will get the premium cost. Buyers whose cars are older than 5-years will not be eligible for many of the advantages provided by the company but still, the company will try to offer the best deal to the customers.

Premium Calculator for New Cars

To calculate the premium for new cars, all you need to do is register the details of your cars then you will get the premium rates, and you can select the best premium rate.

All that matters in the calculation of the premium is the age of the cars. The premium rate is dependent on the age of the car also. These are some of the key factors used while calculating the premium for cars by digit car insurance.

Factors Affecting Digit Car Insurance Premium Calculation

When you opt for the Digit Car insurance premium calculator, there are five key things required for a smooth calculation. These aspects are:

· High-end Security Features (anti-theft devices)

Cars with high-end security features like anti-theft devices, better build quality and such other things reduce the premium cost. Such cars are hard to steal, and it decreases the premium cost.


Well, IDV stands for Insured Declared Value, and it is considered as the actual value of the car in the market. In case of theft or total loss of the car, the insured is compensated up to the complete value of the car, while in others cases, it is only up to the IDV, which is the current market value of the car.

· Engine Cubic capacity

Engines power are considered based on engine cubic capacity. More power increases the capacity of the car to run at a faster rate and it increases the risk so the premium cost is also going to rise in such situations.

· Age of the Car

The manufacturing year of the car and model of the car is considered to apply depreciation on the car’s value. Old cars have lower premium cost, and the claim of the insurer is dependent on such aspects also.

Basis on these factors, Digit car insurance premium calculator calculates the premium to be paid for car insurance.