SBI Car Insurance Premium Calculator, Chart

SBI Car Insurance Premium Calculator

In India, it is mandatory to have a driving license as well as to have vehicle insurance. If you are driving in India without car insurance, then it is a serious offence. There is different auto insurance available, but buying the right one that can cover both property and liability can be more beneficial for you.

Thus, SBI Car Insurance is available for you online, which you can purchase in less time. The best part is that, before buying the auto insurance from the State Bank of India, you can calculate its premium and can decide whether you wish to purchase it or not.

How does SBI Car Insurance Premium Calculator work?

As mentioned above, before buying auto insurance from SBI, you can calculate its premium with the best help of the SBI Car Insurance Premium Calculator. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to get started:

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: Choose a motor option under the category of “Private car insurance”.

Step 3: Click on “Get Quote”

Step 4: You have to fill in the quote details like what you want to buy, and enter the vehicle registration number

Step 5: You can also continue without a vehicle number

Step 6: Then please choose your vehicle model

Step 7: Choose model variant for example Accent 1.6 GLE

Step 8: Then you have to fill in your vehicle details like registration date like a select year, select month

Step 9: Then enter your registration city

Step 10: Enter your previous policy details like the starting date of the policy and ending date of the policy.

Step 11: Choose your policy type, whether you want to go for a liability policy or a package policy.

Step 12: Enter your policy number and choose the insurance company from the drop-down list

Step 13: And enter the address of the previous insurer

Step 14: Then you are asked whether you have claimed the existing policy or not

Step 15: You have to state whether you have personal accident coverage or not

Step 16: If in case, you wish to renew the same policy click on yes

Step 17: And then click on “Continue”

Step 18: You will be taken to a new page where you can find the insurance quote, which is calculated by SBI Car Insurance Premium Calculator.

Step 19: If you are satisfied with the insurance quote, click on “Buy”.

The SBI Car insurance offers various kinds of medical coverage, which proves very important. You can also add on extra coverage like roadside assistance, gap insurance, custom equipment, minor violation forgiveness, etc.

The above-mentioned coverage is optional and can offer you high-end financial protection. It depends on you what are your expectations from the car insurance policy.

If you want to reduce the cost of your insurance by reducing the coverage, you can but make sure you are ready for paying extra costs at the time of the accident in the future.

Thus, it is easy to calculate insurance premium with the help of the SBI Insurance premiums calculator. Calculate your premium today.