Digit Car Insurance: How To Buy & Renew Car Insurance Online

Digit Car Insurance Online Guide

An accident can severely damage your vehicle. At times loss of such a huge magnitude is difficult to rebuild unless you have financial support.  Digit car insurance provides you with such support in times when the insured vehicle needs repair.

Digit General Insurance Co. Ltd. is a famous name in the insurance sector. The insurance business of Digit General Insurance caters to a variety of insurance needs from accident insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and home insurance. Motor insurance, being one of the major segments, offers Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler insurance for all registered vehicles.

What is Digit Car Insurance?

Digit Car Insurance offers much-needed insurance protection against any damage, which may result from an unfortunate accident or theft. Accidents often damage third parties, and in such a case, it also covers the damages for third party loss. Any damage to the vehicle due to natural calamities is also covered under the policy. Digit Vehicle Insurance provides you with a comprehensive cover to protect your finances against accidents or theft.

With a host of benefits included in the plan, along with add-on covers, the Digit Vehicle Insurance has everything you need in motor insurance. Covering the mandatory clause, the policy also provides coverage for third party liabilities in case of accidental damage, injury or death.

Why Choose Digit Car Insurance?

Go Digit Car Insurance is one of the renowned names in the insurance market that is famous for offering comprehensive coverage. Some of the reasons that make Digit Car Insurance a good choice for you:

  • Easy and hassle-free claim settlements process. The company settled 96% of the claims till date.
  • Many add-ons enhance the motor insurance cover as per your insurance needs.
  • Cashless settlements for repairs at over 1400 designated network garages across India to ensure you get a convenient repair facility.
  • 80% upfront payment of repair charges in case of a reimbursement claim.
  • Doorstep pick-up, repair, and drop with a six-months repair warranty.
  • No-claim bonus for a series of claim-free years is available.
  • 24×7 customer support to ensure your queries are answered on time.
  • Smartphone-enabled self-inspection of damages is allowed.
  • Car insurance premium starting from Rs 2072.

Digit Car Insurance Features

Go Digit Car Insurance policy provides a host of features under its motor insurance plan, making it attractive and user friendly. It offers comprehensive protection for your vehicle and any accidental liabilities you may incur depending on the policy you choose. Some of the features of the Go Digit Car Insurance policy are:

  • Simple and Hassle-free Enrolment: You can purchase the policy online with a few simple steps and instantly avail the benefit of the insurance cover under this policy. The enrolment process is convenient and simple to save your time and effort.
  • Add-on Covers: A host of features are offered as an add-on to enhance your cover to suit your requirements like Parts Depreciation Protect, Return to Invoice, Daily Conveyance benefit, Breakdown Assistance, etc.
  • Cashless Settlement: The plan offers access to an extensive network of over 1400 garages stretched across the country where vehicle repair can be done in a cashless manner sparing you the hassles of paying the repair expenses first and then documenting the bills. Even if you opt to repair your vehicle at a garage outside the network, the company will pay up to 80% of repair charges upfront.
  • Ease of Renewal and Maintenance: Digit car insurance policy offers a very quick and easy renewal process for your existing car insurance policy saving your time and energy.
  • NCB Benefit: The policy offers no claim bonus up to 50% for every claim-free year.

Benefits of Digit Car Insurance

With a high claim settlement ratio and variety of add-ons, Go Digit Car Insurance plan provides complete vehicle insurance protection. This policy offers some great benefits to the insured. The benefits are as follows:

  • Coverage for Man-made Calamities: The plan covers all losses that may occur to the insured vehicle due to man-made causes like riots, strike, theft, burglary, or acts of terrorism etc.
  • Coverage for Natural Calamities: The plan covers all losses resulting from natural causes like hurricane, tornado, fire, explosion, earthquake, lightning, flood, typhoon, storm, tempest, cyclone inundation, hailstorm, and landslide. With natural disasters becoming common in these times, this is an essential feature of the policy.
  • Accidental Damage Cover: Damage caused to the insured car in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, or air is entirely covered under this policy. This is important in case of serious accidents where the damage repairs could cost a huge amount.
  • Third-Party Liabilities: If the vehicle is involved in an accident where damage to a third party property or death or injury leads to a claim as per court settlement, the policy covers the risk under such circumstances.

Types of Digit Car Insurance

Digit vehicle insurance can be availed as:

  • Standalone OD Car Insurance: This policy covers damages or losses sustained by the insured vehicle. The scope of coverage under this policy includes accidents and collision, theft, natural calamities, fire etc.
  • Third Party Car Insurance: This policy covers third party liabilities arising out of an accidental damage, injury or death.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: As the name suggests, Digit car insurance offers comprehensive policy with coverage for both third party liabilities and own-damages.

Add-On Cover Benefits

Apart from the basic coverage, the policy also boosts its scope of coverage with some exceptional add-on covers at an additional premium:

  • Conveyance Benefit: An add-on Conveyance Benefit cover can also be availed where a daily reimbursement of your commute will be paid for each day the car is under repair. This is an attractive feature for those who use their vehicles on a daily basis to commute to work.
  • Depreciation Protection: The plan also offers a reinstatement cover add-on where the customer can insure the vehicle for Zero Depreciation of the vehicle and components. Without this add-on, the car is protected up to the Insured’s Declared Value (IDV), which is calculated as the purchase price of the car (ex-showroom) minus the depreciation of the car and its components. Zero Depreciation cover allows you to avail of increased insurance cover for a small increment in the premium amount, which secures your vehicle and damage protection even further.
  • Breakdown Assistance: Roadside assistance required due to fuel exhaustion, flat tire, or breakdowns can be covered under this insurance plan. This is an important feature as roadside breakdowns are a costly affair. This cover includes requiring, towing vehicles up to the nearest garage and further repairs.
  • Engine & Gearbox Protection: This is an add-on feature which protects both engine and gearbox against damage from the following:
  • Water ingress
  • Leakage of lubricating oil
  • Damage to gearbox
  • Undercarriage damage
  • Consumable Cover: This is an add-on benefit which covers all consumables like battery electrolyte, engine oil, brake oil, gearbox oil, etc. inside the vehicle

Exclusions of Digit Car Insurance

The following are excluded from the scope of the insurance cover:

  • The natural ageing of vehicles and damages caused as a result of the same is not covered.
  • Claims arising as a result of driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other such intoxicating substances are not covered.
  • Driving without a valid license is a cognizable and punishable offence under the Indian Law. Any claim resulting from driving the insured vehicle by persons who do not possess a valid license will be invalid.
  • The insurance provided for the car under this plan is only for private use. Any damages or claims resulting from the vehicle’s use in any other manner, such as for carrying goods, rental purposes and racing, etc. shall not constitute a valid claim. Hence the following uses of the vehicle are excluded from the plan (a) Hire or Vehicle is given as Reward (b) Goods Carriage (c) Vehicle racing (d) Speed testing (f) Reliability trials (g) Used for any motor trade.
  • Losses arising from any intentional damage caused to the car by the insured are not covered under this policy.

Eligibility Criteria for Digit Car Insurance

The enrolment formalities of this policy are simple and easy. The user-friendly enrolment process helps you save your time and energy and avail of the insurance benefits at the earliest. The entry criteria for Digit car insurance policy is made to save your time and energy and can be done online. The person enrolling should meet the below criteria:

  • He/she should be above 18 years of age
  • He/she should possess a valid four wheeler driving license
  • He/she should be an Indian citizen
  • He/she should provide additional documentation like RC book, address proof, etc.

Claim Process of the Digit Car Insurance

Digit Car Insurance policy provides a convenient and hassle-free claims procedure to save your time and energy. In case of any incident which gives rise to a claim like theft or accident, you need to inform the Digit team immediately. Go Digit Car Insurance review can also be found on their website.

All relevant information like toll-free numbers, notification, and network garages are identified on their website. The simple claim procedure is as follows:

Claim Intimation

  • You can call at the toll-free number 1800-258-5956 and notify the Digit claims team.
  • You need to provide the requisite details for the claim on the call as sought by the helpline official.
  • You can also visit the website and submit the claim online.

Claim Filing and Processing

The Claim filing process is simple, hassle-free, and user-friendly. Below is the process in a step-by-step manner:

  • You will have to fill the claim form and submit it along with all relevant documents like:
  • RC book
  • Driver Licence (copy)
  • FIR filed with the police (if applicable)
  • Once the claim is registered or notified to the Digit team, a surveyor will visit the site/garage of the incident and survey the damage
  • Post verification of the claim documents and surveyor approval, the claims team will process and settle the claim.
  • If all documents are properly submitted, the claim will be processed after submitting the claims document, and the amount will be disbursed.

The overall claim process is designed to be convenient and user friendly.

Claims Reimbursement

Digit Vehicle Insurance offers a hassle-free claim reimbursement process for reimbursement claims. The claim reimbursement procedure under this policy is as follows:

  • If the vehicle’s repair is being carried out at a garage, which is not a network garage as listed under this policy, the insured can file for a reimbursement claim.
  • However, Digit offers you the benefit of an upfront payment of 80% of the repair value.
  • Under the reimbursement scheme, the insured will have to pay for the repair expenses and submit all documents related to the expenses along with the claim documents.
  • The company will repay the claim expenses after verification.

Digit Car Insurance Renewal Process

You need to renew the Digit car insurance policy periodically to enjoy the continued benefits of the cover. The Digit Car Insurance renewal online process is quite simple and convenient. You may renew the policy online by visiting the official website of the insurer. Additionally, the same can be done through online as well entering the requisite details, and clicking on ‘renew an existing policy’.

Also, this plan renewal can be done by visiting the nearest branch in person. However, the online process saves your time and efforts and enables you to renew the policy at the convenience of your home.

To renew the policy online, one can follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official website and select ‘Renew’ option to initiate Digit car insurance renew process.
  • Enter the policy details and proceed for the renewal process as guided by the website.
  • Pay the premiums online and get the renewed policy instantly.

How to Buy the Digit Car Insurance?

Go Digit Car Insurance has a very quick and hassle-free process for you to buy their policy.

  • Visit the website and select ‘Car,’ and after that, select ‘Buy->Insurance for a new car’ and proceed with the formalities.
  • Pay the premiums online after getting a perfect insurance quote.
  • You can download the policy document after the successful completion of the payment for your records.
  • You may also choose from a variety of add-ons to avail of the risk cover as per your preference.
  • You may also visit the nearest branch in person and seek assistance with the enrolment process.

Documents Required for Buying the Digit Car Insurance

You need to provide all the personal details and details of your car to be insured at the time of applying for the insurance. Here is a list of documents required:

  • Identity Proof-Copy of driving license or PAN card or Passport or Voter’s ID/AADHAAR
  • Address Proof- Copy of Passport or Driving License or Voter’s Id or utility bills
  • RC book of the vehicle to be insured
  • Driving license of the policyholder
  • Invoice for the new car, in case of new car
  • Insurance Policy Document and No Claim Certificate, in case of existing car

You may submit these documents online and complete the purchase at the convenience of your home, or you may visit the nearest branch and submit these documents in person.


Q.1 Why do you need car insurance?

Ans: Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, makes third-party motor insurance mandatory to ensure that any damages and liabilities arising out of accidents are covered. Apart from the legal aspects, motor insurance covers the damage to your vehicle due to accident or theft, which would otherwise cost a lot of your money to repair. Motor insurance is a vital part of the documents required so that you can legally drive on the road. Comprehensive motor insurance also protects your asset against unfortunate events and protects your investment.

Q.2 What is meant by a Depreciation protection add-on cover?

Ans: Generally, in case of claim settlement of accidental cars, the reimbursement is done after the depreciation deduction of parts of the vehicle. A Depreciation protection add-on cover is protection against depreciation, where the insured person arranges for any future claim amount to include the depreciation amount by paying extra.

Q.3 What type of car insurance is offered by Digit?

Ans: Digit provides both a Third Party basic insurance, which is required by law and Comprehensive Car Insurance, which protects third party losses and your own vehicle. The third-party insurance only covers the legal requirements as per Indian Laws. The comprehensive cover protects your car and your assets while also providing third party protection. Comprehensive cover also provides a host of add-on features that you can avail of to enhance your protection based on your needs.

Q.4 How can I reduce my Car Insurance premium?

Ans: If you can take care of an increased payment out of your pocket, you can try increasing the Voluntary deductibles, which will reduce your car insurance premium. Choose the right add-on covers available with the basic insurance policy, so that you do not spend on unnecessary services. Also, if you practice safe driving on the road, it will lead to fewer accidents and no claims, which will help you get your No Claims Bonus. It will further reduce your premium amount.